Now that Uber and Lyft are public, their inevitable financial collapse is much clearer

Veteran transportation economics Hubert Horan has consistently published the best-informed, deepest critiques of Uber and Lyft, explaining how the companies can never, ever be profitable, and warning investors away from becoming the "greater fools" that allow Uber/Lyft's early investors to cash out at their expenses, while cataloging the many ways that Uber and Lyft's legislative strategy, coupled with predatory pricing, is destroying the cities they operate in. Read the rest

Companies reveal mountains of sensitive commercial data in their APIs

Many companies use private APIs to manage their A/B tests of experimental products and approaches; by grabbing the calls that mobile apps make to these APIs, Jon Luca was able to figure out all kinds of sensitive information about companies' future plans, from the way Lyft steers customers towards credit cards that are cheaper to process and its use of "Tactical Price Adjustments" to fight customers who price-compare with Uber; to Airbnb's future China plans; to Pintrest's gendered content differentiation and so on. Read the rest