Irish storyteller cleans up his act after kid reads him the riot act

Aindrias de Static and his band The Latchikós are a much-loved staple at music festivals around the world. Also, they're a little sweary. In this quick clip posted to YouTube, Aindrias is working hard to turn the air blue when he's warned by a clean living kid to watch his language. Always ready to please a fan, Aindrias starts up with a freshly sanitized version of the yarn he was spinning, before whipping the festival crowd into a frenzy with a frenzied bit of music to bring it all home.

If you're an Irish trad fan, or know a good chunk of entertainment when you see it, you'll want to watch the video to the end. Read the rest

Travel Tunes: Kíla: Suas Síos

Kíla's music has been a huge part of my life for decades.

In January of 2015, I was preparing to travel to Costa Rica, and Nicaragua to take some time away from the damp of a British Colombian winter and undertake a bit of travel writing. I'd read online that Kíla had a new album ready to pop. I was desperate to have a copy of it to use as my soundtrack for my 14-day trek. Contacting the band via Twitter and, later, by email, I explained to them how important their music was in my life and that, a trip to a new continent needed to be accompanied by their new music.

Three days before I was set to fly away from Vancouver Island, a small parcel from Ireland showed up in the post: it was a CD copy of Suas Síos. I quickly ripped it to throw on my iPhone and sent them an emailed thank-you which I'm pretty sure wasn't nearly eloquent enough to capture my gratitude.

The woman, who is now my partner in life, was working in Costa Rica as a dive master. We've been together for close to five years now, and married for almost three of those. I consider Suas Síos the album and, consequentially, Suas Síos the song, to be good luck charms, of sorts. I never leave the house for a pop down to the shop or an adventure like our upcoming trip to Morocco, without them.

I hear tell that Kíla's got a new album on the way. Read the rest