Metallica and The Roots play "Enter Sandman" on toy and classroom instruments

On The Tonight Show last night, Metallica, promoting their new album " Self-Destruct," played their old ditty "Enter Sandman" in an entirely new way. We're off to never never land.

James Hetfield - Vocals, Toy clarinet Jimmy Fallon - Vocals, Bass Drum, Casio Keyboard, Kazoo Lars Ulrich - Fisher Price Drum, Toy Cymbals Kirk Hammett - Melodica Robert Trujillo - Baby Electric Axe Questlove - Hand Clappers, Kazoo Kamal Gray - Xylophone James Poyser - Melodica Captain Kirk - Ukulele Tuba Gooding Jr. - Kazoo, Banana Shaker, Apple Shaker Mark Kelley - Kazoo Frank Knuckles - Bongos Black Thought - Tambourine, Brown Hat

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