Competitive book-sorting event pits New York library workers against Washington State's

Big library systems struggling with the task of sorting interbranch requests for distribution on the library's delivery vehicles can buy a $2 million Lyngsoe Systems Compact Cross Belt Sorter, whose conveyor takes precisely hand-placed materials down a line of bins, scanning each item and tipping it into a bin destined for the right branch. Read the rest

World's most depressing semi-robotic sandwich making factory

I started the video where the action heats up. We see a man loading bread into an "automated machine. (I wonder if he ever is tempted to press the jolly, candy like button on the control panel?)

The bread is separated into individual slices and melted butter is deposited on each slice, followed by mayo. Then it's on to the cheese depositing phase, which is a manual operation. We get to see workers load "logs of ham" onto a slicer. (Get a load of the spring constant on that ham log!)

And so on. By the end, you'd be forgiven if you never want to eat a sandwich ever again. Read the rest

Podfasters: people who listen to podcasts at speeds up to 300% of normal

I remember the first time a blind friend let me listen in on her screen-reader's text-to-speech narration, a high-speed chipmunk squeal that she had trained herself to decode; I was hugely impressed. Read the rest

Prepare to be mesmerized by this industrial egg-breaking and separating machine

The Ovo-Tech Rz-1 breaks eggs like nobody's business. Read the rest