Offworld Monday reflection: What's good, Tinder Renaissance zombies?

Last week on Offworld saw us interrogate the millennial tech panic, play games about the Renaissance, watch a couple documentaries and collect Nicki Minaj fanart.

Monday reflection: Do-it-yourselfing, monsters and sad subways

Last week on Offworld, we chatted about creation tools, jam games where you're a monster, and we wandered around a dreamy subway full of alien shapes.

Weird dinosaurs, haberdashery and second-kills

Last week we pastiched some nightmare dinosaurs, learned some Chinese vocabulary, and had a serious chat about piracy and poverty. Make Monday less dreary with wonderful memories of last week.

Offworld Monday reflection: Now with one hundred percent more digital plants

This week's reflection: Is it just us, or have we been virtually gardening, like, a lot? Also, our friends get up to some amazing things.

Offworld Monday reflection: Chimes, specimens and Tinder

Our latest special satellite transmission looks back on the highlights of last week, from women in pinball to color challenges for the eye, and scoops up our favorite conversations from elsewhere on the web.