The internet, 2008-2018: what's changed?

In 2008, Telstra Chief Scientist Geoff Huston wrote an informative and important retrospective on the shifts in internet technology since 1998; now, ten years later, he's written another one, tracing the remarkable shifts (and weirdly unbudgeable technological icebergs) in the past decade's worth of internet changes, advances and retreats. Read the rest

Networking by flickering lights gets some commercial traction

Philips has acquired Luciom, a French startup that makes Li-Fi products, which allow for very fast network connections over short distances by flickering an LED at speeds that are too fast to register on the human eye, and which can ever work in the dark by operating at low dimness settings the human eye perceives as "off." Read the rest

Router for gamers lets you filter games by distance

The forthcoming Netduma router has a geofilter that lets you restrict the games you join by distance, so you only play against nearby gamers, eliminating a leading cause of lag. Read the rest

IPv4 is exhausted

The last few IPv4 blocks are trickling away, drip by drip. The slow, steady march to address-space exhaustion is now in its last three to six months. IPv6 ahoy?

"Following on from APNIC's earlier assessment that they would need to request the last available /8 blocks, they have now been allocated 39/8 and 106/8, triggering ARIN's final distribution of blocks to the RIRs. According to the release, 'APNIC expects normal allocations to continue for a further three to six months.'"

Last Available IPv4 Blocks Allocated

(Image: 40+280 Heat, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from barkbud's photostream)

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Fiber optic knife

This glass knife was hand-knapped by Mike Cook of Portland, Michigan out of fiber optic glass. Magnetometer-invisible and broadband; can't hardly ask for a better tool!

"Primitive" knife knapped from fiber optic glass

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