The Trumperial March: Star Wars' Imperial March mashed up with Yakety Sax

Last week, I suggested that Donald Trump is a walking mashup of Star Wars' Imperial March and Yakety Sax.

Markleford Friedman has provided. Read the rest

Inflatable T-Rex costume

You may remember this outfit from recent videos exhibiting a high internet virality coefficient. It's available for purchase at Amazon—we'll get a cut if you use that link—and at BuyCostumes. There will be many on eBay in a few weeks, but by then it will be too late.

There's a kids' size one, too. Read the rest

Death Metal meets J-Pop

Ladybird combines all the things you love about Japan. Wait, what? Read the rest

WATCH: 2015's biggest toilet snake proves nightmares do come true

San Diego County's Department of Animal Services announced a 5.5 foot Colombian rainbow boa emerged from an office building's toilet. Read the rest

Nightmarish Christian birdsong album

Enjoy this genuinely nightmarish visit with Ralph Platt in God's great outdoors, where he joins the birds of the forest in giving song to the pipe organ music of Lorin Whitney.

The full album was recently posted online by Fuji Puzzle Box, who warns that a Volume 2 of this exists somewhere out there. album of pious Christian dirges so lugubrious they practically go all the way around and turn giddy. Made famous by the Firesign Theatre, who created so many dearly beloved batshit radio performances using this record as underscore.

UPDATE: "Hi Rob, Taylor here, archivist for Firesign Theatre and the guy behind Fuji Puzzle Box. Thanks for the post! There was indeed a volume two, and here it is" Read the rest

Caturday [Nightmare Edition]

Hey, found this on my computer. No idea what I made it for, but it appears to feature an evil cat god summoned to our plane by the power of Wardenclyffe Tower. You can have it now! [Warning: autoplaying audio] Read the rest

"Poohenge" - Unusual inflatable sculpture graces Hong Kong park

"Complex Pile", an inflatable sculpture by American artist Paul McCarthy, is displayed at the exhibition "Inflation!" on the grounds of a new park in Hong Kong. "The Park", as it will be called, will cover 14 hectares of landscaped public space devoted to the arts and culture. [Bobby Yip/Reuters] Read the rest

Definition of Hell

Welcome to the definition of hell. [Thanks, Joe Sabia] Read the rest

Sarah Palin Breathing Wall of Nightmares

BEHOLD: The Sarah Palin Breathing Wall of Nightmares. Here's a bonus nightmare. Read the rest

The Irritation Waltz, after Nokia, after Tárrega

Behold Marc-André Hamelin's Valse Irritation d'après Nokia, the stuff of nightmares. Subtle, enduring nightmares. [via Giz.] Read the rest

Mutant teddy bear

Undead Ed's plush Mortimer Mutated Bear is sweet and sickly all at once. I love those eyes!

Mortimer Mutated Bear Plush by *Undead-Art* (via Superpunch) Previously: Mandelbrot the fractal teddy-bear Teddy Bear USB drive is a headless horror - Boing Boing HOWTO make a teddy-bear remote-control - Boing Boing Boing Boing: Gun that fires teddy-bears on parachutes Exploding teddy bears - Boing Boing Teddy bears turned inside-out: photo book by Kent Rogowski - Boing ... Zaphod Beeblebrox-inspired teddy bears from Douglas Adams fan-club ... /mandel/ Read the rest