Woman used badly photoshopped image to convince boss she had a flat tire

Twitter user @sydneywhitson reported that "her coworker called in (yet again) and said she had a nail on her tire that caused her to have a flat" and reportedly sent in the above photo as evidence. Zoomed version below. Of course, Twitter delighted in the stupidity.

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Photoshop nightmare: Gentlemens' hosiery model has no intergluteal cleft

If you're looking for some gentlemens' hosiery, the Men's Sexy Pantyhose Tights Hosiery Seamless Lingerie at Amazon is a well-rated and inexpensive option. But would you look at that product photograph? That man's butt crack has been filled in with Photoshop—by David Cronenberg.

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The Genesis of Planet Hillary

Megan Garber reports on how the NYT Mag created its freaky "Planet Hillary" cover.

'I asked Duplessis whether he and his team considered the image's meme potential as they designed the magazine's cosmic cover. "Social media is something we always think about," he replied, "but the concept for this particular cover was more of a gut reaction to the working language." The addition of the universe-y copy ("The Chelsea Quasar," etc.) took the cover, Duplessis notes, "to new heights."' Read the rest