Guy builds 320,000 gallon pool in his backyard

Jerry and Marina Leussink of Sundre, Alberta didn't have a farm pond, so they build a custom pool-like pond lined with inch-thick plastic. Read the rest

Pond - “Xanman” (free MP3)

Sound it Out # 55: Pond - “Xanman” (free MP3)

It would be easy to hear the music of Perth, Australia’s Pond and think they are ironic or retro, but you’d be wrong. Catch them live to discover that their psychedelic guitar layering and spacey jams are completely sincere. A few members of Pond are also in Tame Impala, and something down there has precipitated a wonderful movement of dense and fuzzy rock.

Pond’s new album Hobo Rocket (out 8/6) is geared towards channeling their incredible live energy into a recording. “Xanman” is the most arena-ready Pond song yet and should satisfy all of your rock needs. Read the rest

Pond - "Moth Wings" (MP3 download)

Sound it Out # 22: Pond - "Moth Wings"

I’ve been thinking about getting a medical marijuana prescription for my insomnia, and it occurs to me that that's probably also the only thing that would make Pond sound even better to me than they already do. I’m confident that no bud was spared during the two weeks they spent in an remote farmhouse making their new record Beard, Wives, Denim.

Pond shares a few members with fellow Australian stoner rock band Tame Impala, who we featured here last year. My favorite song on the new Pond record is“ Moth Wings”, and I challenge you to listen to it and not shake your thing.

Click the little arrow on the widget below to download "Moth Wings" - one week only!


P.S. Yes, there was also a terrific Portland, OR band called Pond back in the 90’s.

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