Watch Netflix at work by making it look like you’re on a conference call

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How to read Reddit at work without getting caught

Some people have jobs at places where reading Reddit on the clock is frowned upon. This Reddit skin, which looks like Microsoft Outlook, is for them. Read the rest

Software to trick your boss so you can take a break

Jon says: "Corporate Avoidance is a free program we designed to unshackle you by taking advantage of the necessary evils of life as an editor.

Corporate Avoidance works by loading screenshots and animated gifs to make your computer look like it’s busy rendering, so you can set a predetermined amount of time to take a walk in the sun to that place that makes the good sandwiches, or pull the plug on a client who insists on sitting-in until the cows come home. You’ll be back at your desk just as your project finishes rendering, and people will think you can predict the weather.

It’s great for students, too — make your reserved lab computer look busy "rendering" so that no one uses it while you run downstairs for a Snapple!"

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