When 8-year-olds redesign famous band tees

Emily aka Angsty X tried to teach her 8-year old how to use Photoshop. She figured that the best way to do this was to introduce her to a few simple manipulation techniques, and let her daughter instruct her on how to change them (it takes a little while to get the hang of that magic wand tool).

They decided to start with band t-shirts, because mom wears a lot of them.  There was one shirt that Emily used to wear more often, but she told her daughter that she didn't like one of the people on it anymore. So her daughter said, "Well, just don't put him on it!"

And thus it began.

Emily's daughter didn't understand why her mom was laughing so hard. Frankly, I don't, either, because Emily's daughter is clearly a genius, as demonstrated by the other shirts that she designed.

Emily decided to turn these into actual t-shirts, which you can find on Teepublic for the time being, with all proceeds going to the Okra Project to support mental health work for black trans men and women; they've already raised around $100! Read the rest

Bowie and Prince rule "Singer" emoji picks

Emojipedia notes that with Twitter's adoption of David Bowie-like figures for its singer emojis, the British pop legend lives on as such on four major platforms: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter.

The only other easily-identified star is Prince, as used by WhatsApp.

Bowie- and Prince-inspired characters are used for both man and woman singer emojis.

Facebook, Samsung and others use generic (or at least less identifiable) characters, because they are boring. Read the rest