Zabrecky and Mike O'Brien try to summon the spirit of Andy Rooney

Other Side with Zabrecky is my favorite web series. I do not think Andy Rooney appreciates it much. Read the rest

David Yow takes a trip on the 'Other Side with Zabrecky'

I have watched Zabrecky's latest installment, a seance to connect rocker David Yow with the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, both backward and forward, yet I can not find a secret message. Read the rest

Celebrate by watching the 'Other Side with Zabrecky Thanksgiving Marathon'

This holiday we are entertained!

The master magician who spends his spare time communicating with the dead, Rob Zabrecky, has decided to host a Thanksgiving Marathon of his amazing seance series 'Other Side with Zabrecky.'

A cavalcade of colorful characters join Zabrecky to contact spirits of their choice. Guests include Will Forte, Kate Flannery, Jack Black, Jeff Grossman, Neil Hamburger, Jason Sudeikis, and David Arquette. Also featured are two commercials, a mail bag episode, and lots of music by the band Monitor.

I understand Zabrecky hides secret messages in every video.

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David Arquette and Zabrecky seek out "Macho Man" Randy Savage

David Arquette is my new fashion hero.

After you watch every episode of Other Side with Zabrecky, you will want to read his book. Read the rest