"Der Untergang" clip used as real estate downfall video

Some joker used a clip of Der Untergang to portray Hitler as a real estate sucker.


  1. This clip has got to be the most-watched film in history.

    I finally got to see the actual piece, it’s great also.

  2. There’s a football version of this too, where Hitler is a ranting football manager, the Manchester United one I think. That one isn’t funny either.

    But do watch the original film, it’s brilliant.

  3. After the one that had Hitler ranting about all the Downfall vids on youtube, I thought that meme was retired.

  4. Does anyone know a site that’s collected all these Untergang overdubs into 1 list? It’d be fun to watch them all back to back.


  5. This extract has been used for everything, even Autodesk grabbing everything 3D in software (Maya, XSI, Mudbox…). So, nothing too original there. Moreover, it is generally judged as especially stupid by both German speaking persons or those who actually suffered the real horror of the Nazi era.

  6. This is way better than the one where he complains about getting too many parking tickets or gets banned from WoW. =D

    Hitler meme uber alles!

    P.S: Notice how nobody offered to shake his hand.

  7. Probably not, they are actually pretty difficult to watch for German native speakers as obviously we would naturally focus on what is actually being said rather then the subtitles.

    So for the German speakers:

  8. Ok, let this one last one into the club, but then it’s lockout time, no?

    The thought of people who’ve watched this scene in about 20 different contexts, some better than others, but never the actual film is a bad one…

  9. Hitler’s facial expression and reaction to the news that the McMansion was going to be foreclosed on was priceless. This video is awesome, does anyone know what show or movie the original video footage for this was found from?

  10. Well done!

    I blame Peak Equity. All the cheap equity was drilled out of cash-rich companies in the 1980s and 1990s. When that ran out, it was time for houses to feed the demands of a hungry and growing investment market. I never thought I’d see the world run out of equity in my lifetime.

    Somewhere there is a remote spot where they’re still pumping equity out of an undiscovered source. I’l lfind it and help the rag-tag defenders hold it against corporate raiders.

  11. Pete, welcome to the comment threads. It’s local custom to put your site URL in your profile, not your comments. We’re also not big on .sig lines.

    No blame. Lots of people do that, their first comment or two.

  12. Indeed, even Hitler is getting a little fed up with all these Downfall parodies.


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