Lard of the Rings and other "edible books"


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  1. StrawberryFrog says:

    I’ve seen (pictures of) better LotR food.
    Here and here

  2. demidan says:

    I thought about adding “Legolamb” because of food, but not good ole “Dildo” not very food like, but still valid, thanks for remembering the old classics!

  3. mark_s says:

    photos from Seattle annual edible…

  4. Jeansdottir says:

    The Fourth Annual Champaign-Urbana Edible Books Festival will be held on Tuesday, March 31. If you’re in central Illinois, please participate! Or find a festival near you (and see photos of edible books from around the world) at

    The C-U website (not yet updated with 2009 festival info, but it will be soon):

  5. Pipenta says:

    Yes, I had a copy of “Bored of the Rings”. No idea what happened to it, but it was hilarious.

  6. noen says:

    “Lard of the Rings”. Not my idea of edible. Does it come with it’s own triple by-pass?

  7. Evil Jim says:

    It’s like a wholly unhealthy menorah.

  8. heydemann3 says:

    These happen all around the world on April 1st. Find one near you and go! I’ve been playing for 9 years now and it’s a blast every time.

  9. minTphresh says:

    “One-yun ring in salted brine, One-yun ring to dry them, One-yun ring with batter, yumm, and in hot oil fry them!”

  10. demidan says:

    Anyone every read “Bored with The Rings” publish by Harvard Lampoon? At least that had “Spamwize Gammy” and “Frito Bugger”…

  11. jackm says:

    This brings to mind my favourite joke from my university days:

    “Forged in the fryers of McDoom, in the Lard of the Rings, comes the Onion Ring to Rule them All!”

  12. jackm says:

    #4, you forgot to mention “Dildo Baggins”.

  13. Takuan says:

    and Legolamb

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