Lard of the Rings and other "edible books"

The CU Edible Book fesitval celebrates my three favourite things: literacy, food and horrible puns. Check out the Lard of the Rings, featured here!

The Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 3rd Annual C-U Edible Book Festival (Thanks, 7-how-7!)


  1. These happen all around the world on April 1st. Find one near you and go! I’ve been playing for 9 years now and it’s a blast every time.

  2. Anyone every read “Bored with The Rings” publish by Harvard Lampoon? At least that had “Spamwize Gammy” and “Frito Bugger”…

  3. This brings to mind my favourite joke from my university days:

    “Forged in the fryers of McDoom, in the Lard of the Rings, comes the Onion Ring to Rule them All!”

  4. I thought about adding “Legolamb” because of food, but not good ole “Dildo” not very food like, but still valid, thanks for remembering the old classics!

  5. “One-yun ring in salted brine, One-yun ring to dry them, One-yun ring with batter, yumm, and in hot oil fry them!”

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