Dog eats bean burrito in 1 second


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  1. FourFiveFire says:

    My dog ate taco bell once, too, actually…because a guy working at taco bell saw him while I was in another store and decided to give him two tacos. Then he came into the store I was in.

    Guy: Is that your dog out there?
    Me: Yes…
    Him: Okay, um, don’t be mad, but I just fed him two tacos.

    I wasn’t so much mad as I was dumbfounded. And now this dog is 10 years old and runs around like he’s a puppy. And while that is most likely not due to him being fed tacos on that one fateful day…one has to wonder.

  2. Alan says:

    @#19 – kitty bon bons!

  3. Cowicide says:

    FourFiveFire, from what I understand cat shit is considered a delicacy for dogs. But, while it’s full of protein, it does have its bio hazards and is especially hazardous with clumping litter mixed in.

    And as udders have said…


  4. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS with your dog. Many large breed dogs (deep chested) could die from this. It is called bloat. Their stomach twists and if you don’t notice it on time they will die. I lost my Rottie after swallowing a hamburger too quickly like that. Please don’t risk your dog’s life you may loose them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That was great. XD What a greedy old bastard! That thing could have been filled with peppers and he wouldn’t have known a thing about it. Gawd
    Still laughing. And if your kids eat like that? Man. All I know is, I hope you buy the good three-ply TP at your house.

  6. blatantdisregard says:

    I get the feeling that the people who weigh in with the “That’s bad for the dog because of xxx” are less concerned about the dog and more concerned about showing off their knowledge of canine related maladies.

  7. ooklala says:

    My dog ate a battery once, he was only a little puppy. He ended up being fine, but I think he had his stomach damaged by that experience…

  8. Anonymous says:

    In the college dining hall in 1989 I fed a frat dog a whole rack of beef ribs, sauce and meat with 4 bones, all in one piece. The dog did the same thing this dog did: a couple of jaw movements and down the hatch entirely. I was amazed and still tell my friends about it.

  9. Derekvof says:

    I disagree with the poster who said the occasional burrito isn’t a bad thing. If you mess up a dog’s digestive tract, bad things can happen – more than just messy stools. Couple years ago my wife dropped a bread stick from her take-out, and our dog inhaled it before it hit the ground. Within an hour he had vomited over a dozen times, and spent the next two days on IVs at the vet because he couldn’t keep anything in his stomach. It was quite the expensive bread stick…

  10. pork musket says:

    What a fantastic way to give your dog cancer

  11. samuraizenu says:

    Bet he learned that trick from watching the owner. (Look at the size of those wrists as someone else pointed out)

    Literally ROFL AND nearly pissed myself!

  12. Jim_Graham says:

    Have you tried this with Pop Rocks and Pepsi?

  13. KurtMac says:

    My girlfriend once dropped an entire boneless chicken breast whilst transferring from skillet to plate, scorching hot, and her 25-pound Corgie ran over and gobbled it up in 1.5 seconds. Conversely, ten minutes after it took about 60 seconds for it to puke it all up, still practically in one piece, accompanied by the previous dog-food meal it recently ate as well.

    Its worth noting that despite this experience the dog still sits at the edge of the kitchen counter in hopeful anticipation of any future human food to succumb to gravity.

  14. wisekwai says:

    An old friend had an Irish Setter that could eat slices of pizza in one gulp. He’d throw them at her like Frisbees – edible Frisbees. I always thought it was kind of sad.

  15. redmcgee says:

    Does anyone else view this as abuse? The narrator’s watch was all but swallowed my his wrist fat… I fear the dog will suffer social anxiety from rapid weight gain… his jeans will never fit ‘just right’… and the other dogs will call him Muffin Top :-(

  16. Talia says:

    That’s hilarious. Happy dog. :) That’s hilarious. Happy dog. :)

  17. minTphresh says:

    i will have to try that with my bullmastiff! i think he would prefer the beef and bean, tho. not that he would actually taste it. i just don’t wanna be anywhere near there when that thing makes it thru his digestive tract. i b’lieves that when it hits the floor, it will come under the heading of what we call “industrial pollushum”!

  18. toolbag says:

    Hope that dog spends most of his time outside.

    I was making cookies about a dozen xmas’s ago and my roommates beagle ate a stick of butter that fell off the counter. That’s about how fast she ate it too. I made one more batch of cookies, locked the dog in the roommates bedroom and went off to visit my family. We both got home at about the same time. I’ll never forget the look on his face as he opened the door to his room “Alright g’nite-OH MY GOD!”

    (the dog was fine, his carpet was not)

  19. rAMPANTiDIOCY says:

    that reminds me of when my Ultimate team goes out for burritos.

  20. Alan says:

    My 30 lb dog once swallowed a whole pork chop, sans bone.

  21. Amaranth666 says:

    Diabeetus dog can haz diabeetus.

  22. Tobor Redrum says:

    Dog didn’t even taste it.

    Which, come to think about it, is probably the best way to eat a Taco Bell burrito.

  23. minTphresh says:

    flarbas, george burns smoked cigars?

  24. TheMostHorrible says:

    After eating a Taco Bell bean burrito I believe Bubba will soon drop a chalupa, prompting those in the vicinity to make a run for the border.

  25. padster123 says:

    Uh – deezgusting. Did his mum not teach him to chew at least 20 times?

  26. TK says:

    Your dog looks fat, maybe you shouldn’t feed him taco bell.

  27. AGF says:

    My mom for some reason wrapped a turkey in an old tshirt (some sort of strange recipe – it must have been wet or something) Then my dog ate the tshirt. I believe it took quite a while to come back up.
    To the burrito worriers out there – don’t feed your dog fried onions, chocolate or the weird new sweetener. Other than that relax – wow! I mean burritos all the time would be bad – but have you seen what dogs eat given the chance?

  28. slywy says:

    That dog’s a gulper.

    The best part is that he looks hopefully for more.

  29. Chinese Jet Pilot says:

    If you love your dog, don’t feed it Taco Bell.

  30. eyebum says:

    If you love your car, floor, couch, bed, patio, etc… don’t feed it Taco Bell! I can only imagine the mess after that!!! HA!!! too funny! My dogs love the “puppy patties” from Wendy’s (plain burger, no bun) but I never thought to time it… Go Bubba!

  31. mydogischelsea says:

    Ugh, that is disgusting. And borderline abusive. And certainly not a healthy way to raise or train a dog.

  32. geekd says:

    That is (obviously) not good for the dog. Dog, especially larger dogs, can get “bloat” from eating too much, too fast. It can be life threatening.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Probably the reason why this dog is overweight…

  34. buddy66 says:

    This is a truly disgusting thread!

    But informative.

  35. heydemann3 says:

    Yeah, bloat can be a problem, but one burrito is unlikely to set it off. Especially as the dog did not move enough to twist his colon.
    My Great Danes could do the same think to a scoop of ice cream unless I made them take licks until they pushed the scoop to the sidewalk.
    (And they got maybe three cones a year, small kiddie scoop, and lived to be old dogs)

  36. vetlemakt says:

    Not something I would ever do to my two dogs as I love the dogs far too much to treat them this way. A fun clip, I imagine, for those of you who doesn’t own dogs yourself, and maybe for a few who does own one. To these few; perhaps you should consider giving your dog away. This obviously isn’t the first time that fat old dog has been given a burrito, swallowing it off in a second, which only makes it worse.
    This isn’t “making dog happy”. This is “killing dog eventually”.

  37. Lauren O says:

    There are some folks in this thread who need to chill out about the dog’s health. If he were eating only Taco Bell, it’d be a problem. The occasional burrito is not going to hurt him. I feel like those of you who are worried probably have smaller, more sensitive breeds of dog.

    If my dalmatians could survive years and years of food filched off the counter, the contents of the garbage can, my sister’s and my bags of Halloween candy, and daily helpings of their own shit (not to mention the rat poison, though that required actual medical attention), I think this big old mastiff thing can handle some beans and a tortilla once in a while.

  38. Bobdotcom says:

    @9 “Your dog looks fat, maybe you shouldn’t feed him taco bell.”

    How about the owner? Did you see his wrist? He has none, unless you count the area of his arm that his watchband is biting into. And his fingers are almost as big as the burrito. He’s had his share of Taco Bell, too. :-)

    (Full disclosure: I’m packing a few extra stone myself…)

  39. Tom Hale says:

    Its called “loving them to death.” Beans are a good source for protein but I’m not sure Taco Bell makes the low fat version of refried beans. As far as eating beans is concerned, aren’t dogs omnivorous?

  40. flarbas says:

    #32 The concerns mentioned about the dangers of bloat in dogs is well founded.

    First off, its a condition that normally affects larger dogs, and not the “smaller, more sensitive breeds”. The larger dogs have a greater possibility of the stomach twisting around on itself than smaller dogs.

    Also its the second leading killer in dogs, and usually occurs when a large chested dog eats a lot in one meal very fast and then runs around, causing the full stomach to twist up and causing damage.

    Sure, one burrito probably isn’t going to kill this dog, and it does look like it doesn’t do too much running. But saying your dogs were fine is anecdotal evidence, and is as dangerous as saying smoking cigars is harmless because George Burns lived to 100.

  41. krylon says:

    am i the only one wondering about the health of this dog’s digestive system? taco bell screws me up something awful, i can’t imagine what it’d do to a dog.

  42. FourFiveFire says:

    For all those wondering if a burrito will destroy a dog’s digestive system, I would like to invite you over to my house and show you what my dog digests from the cat box on a daily basis.

  43. minTphresh says:

    mmmm, crunchie treats!

  44. aoi says:

    i once saw my sisters australian shepherd inhale a squirrel head first in almost the exact same fashion. after catching, killing, and playing with it for some time of course. it was pretty amazing to say the least. i was just lucky enough to have a camera at the ready when he decided it was in fact edible. i can only imagine that this is the way most dogs fed themselves for decades before the creation of kibble and canned food, and probably the same reason why i don’t see that burrito being a deadly toxin to that dogs digestive system. i feel worse for the owner and the gastric disaster he’s just unleashed upon himself.

  45. Clayton Hove says:

    That dog must’ve thought the burrito was a Siamese.

  46. Talia says:

    #33 to use the same analogy, wouldn’t you say going “ZOMGZ smoking one cigar wilL KILL YOU DEAD!!” would be overreacting? :P

  47. Anonymous says:

    My family had a 16 pound dachshund that ate a 5 pound whitman’s sampler (cheap American box of chocolates) in the course of one afternoon. We found her lying on her back with her legs in the air, groaning and whimpering.

    She didn’t die, despite being remarkably round in cross-section for a while. My sister and I forced her to walk around and around the block for an hour or so while the gas vented, giving rise to her nickname “the jet powered dog”.

    This incident did not dampen her greediness for chocolate, oddly enough. The dog lived to a ripe old age despite eating all sorts of things including styrofoam and furniture.


    PS: People always call shenanigans on this anecdote because “the vet says chocolate is poisonous to dogs!”. I have no explanation for this, sorry.


  48. flarbas says:

    #42 Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe you’re being sarcastic and I don’t realize it. But wasn’t George Burns the guy who said the secret to old age is to smoke a cigar a day (paraphrasing).

    #34 You’re logic is way off, especially since I pointed out in my own post that I don’t think this particular burrito is dangerous to that dog. In fact my intent had little to do with that particular dog and that particular clip, but those who might say “pshaw” about the very real dangers of bloat.

    #46 I agree, I’m sure the many years of living as wolves competing for food has caused the evolution of being very greedy and eating very fast as much as possible.

  49. tamar says:

    Too bad he never got to enjoy it!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Imagine the gas that pooch puts out. Bubba would sleep in the garage in my house. However, I wouldn’t feed my dogs bean burritos. (I’d eat them myself…)

  51. Anonymous says:

    This just goes to prove that dogs do not taste what they eat!

  52. Takuan says:

    there are advantages to a two-way gastrointestinal tract. What goes in comes out as easily, if need be.
    I’ve often thought of crossing a dog with a sea cucumber. If nothing else, it would be fun at parties.

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