Cute Fat Kitty Nomming on Gyoza and Beer (video).

Please do not watch this adorable video of a cute, fat Japanese cat eating gyoza and drinking beer unless you are prepared for screen-spewage. WAIT is that Wilford Brimley? I hear gyoza gives you diabeetus.

ダンディズム (YouTube, thanks R. Stevens)


  1. He’s only eating his own fur, and staring occasionally, as if his server has brought him the wrong order.


  2. Cute fat Japanese Himalayan cat. Though “fat Himalayan” may be redundant; in my experience, Himalayans are often animated throw pillows.

    The ones I’ve known are also fairly laid-back cats, so I’m not surprised this one was convinced to pose. Getting him to lick his paws would be easy. Keeping him away from the human-food… well, depends on the cat, and depends on whether that was real food or a display mockup.

    Nice concept, nicely executed. In a past life, I want to come back as Buddha’s cat…

  3. No, MAD Cat after finally getting rid of Dr. Claw, post-rehab, on an awkward date with Brain (not pictured, on the other side of the table).

  4. @ #11 posted by nanuq
    Do they have 12-step programs for cats?

    They can never make it past Step 2. When’s the last time you’ve seen a cat even admit the existance of a Higher Power?

  5. Mmmm… Gyoza.

    I know I’m an asshole. I’m aware that I don’t like many things. But good plate Gyoza always turns me into a care bear.

    Pro Tip: Order Age-Gyoza (ah-gay) for super crunchy deep fried magic.

  6. where would the internet be without cats?

    where would cats be without the internet (under my feet, yes..but in a larger sense..)

  7. Antinous, maybe the cat is showing how with proper diabeetus care you can “splurge” every once in a while.

    Good lord is that cat a pig. But such good production values on the whole setup!

  8. Xeni you has betrayed us.

    I was really hoping kitty was going to drink beer. D: Though it was quite cute. Despair?

  9. a smoke, kurtmac? looks more like he’s got about half a pack snuffed out in the ashtray next to him!

  10. even though he didn’t drink beer, that was full of win. who knew wilford brimley got so hairy in his older age?

  11. Not eating, just grooming self (chest and paws). Licking and chomping sounds are typical.


  12. You said there would be nomming! You let me down, man. Now I don’t believe in nothing no more. I’m going to law school.

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