BB Video: Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, pt. 4 of 6 / Cheetos Boredom Busters. (This is an ad)

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A disclaimer for the capitalist entertainment pellet above: This Boing Boing Video episode is a paid ad for Cheetos. This is also the 4th in a 6-part series of security bulletins from the long-lost Communist enclave of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf.


After eating most of analyzing the delicious, crunchy contents of a mysterious box parachuted in to Soviet Unterzoegersdorf by unknown forces, our agents realize that they have been duped into participating in an internet viral marketing campaign.

Meet the agents in person: On March 7, monochrom will be in San Francisco for a release party celebrating an upcoming game based on the alternate universe of Soviet However-You-Spell-It. Details here. Their game has nothing to do with Boing Boing Video's Cheetos sponsorship campaign, per se, and Cheetos is not a sponsor of the game. But these guys tend to incorporate weird bits of reality into everything they do -- so, it's entirely possible that Cheetos will appear in the game anyway. Or not. Whatever. They're meta like that. Snip:

Let the proletarians sing with joy! Let us celebrate a glorious triumph! We will release Part II of the Soviet Unterzoegersdorf 2D adventure game for free download!

//// Speech and demonstration by His Excellency Commissar Nikita Perostek Chrusov
/// Science fair of Soviet Technology
// Cake and live music
/ Political dissenters will be dealt with.

The computer game is a tribute to the proud yet imperiled republic of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf (pronounced «oon-taa-tsee-gars-doorf»), the last existing appendage republic of the USSR. The tiny enclave maintains no diplomatic relationship with the surrounding "Republic of Austria" or with the Fortress "European Union".

The downfall of her motherland -- the Soviet Union -- in the early 1990s had a particularly bad effect on the country's economic situation. Now the picturesque communist state is facing a serious lack of resources, lack of space, and lack of population. To make matters worse, party secretary Wladislav Gomulka was kidnapped and brought to US-Oberzoegersdorf. We must use every tool at our disposal to rescue Gomulka! Including plenty of classified soviet technology, a proud tradition of bureaucracy, the recognition of North Korea, and a pond full of radioactive byproduct.

Background on the series here. All other BBV episodes we're producing this month are ad-free.

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20 Responses to “BB Video: Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, pt. 4 of 6 / Cheetos Boredom Busters. (This is an ad)”

  1. Takuan says:

    if Cheetos brand really wants to sell to the net audience, what have they done about preventing “Yellowkeyboard” Is there any research underway to produce coated cheesy snacks that don’t leave film over everything? Or how about mouse condoms?

  2. HEALTHNUT says:

    mmmm… cheetos

  3. David Pescovitz says:

    I’m perfectly comfortable with you not agreeing with where we transparently place sponsorships on the site, but please don’t be rude or insulting.

  4. J France says:

    I dunno, i reckon this segment redeemed the lot of them. I had a chuckle. At an ad.

    I can see why everyone is so conflicted about it all.

  5. ZoopyFunk says:

    I have loved everything I have seen from the ‘chrom; this however, is just not effective. Even less so than previous parts 1-3. Its not the ad that is the problem, just my expectations of monochrom.

  6. sej says:

    a) pretty lame video
    b) cheetos = gross

  7. mr_josh says:

    Advertising Cheetos to a bunch of nerds is like advertising sun to Arizonans. Already have full market penetration, dudes.

  8. grenz says:

    @zoopyfunk: hey, i don’t know what effective means in this context… but i always wanted to grunt “frickin obamer” in a spot promoting bloated cheese. a dream come true.

  9. jburris says:

    kp yr bng bng “vd” vr t bng bng tv s cn kp n gnrng t.

  10. tartar says:

    “At least it’s not vegan”… hahaha!

  11. Elvis Pelt says:

    If I can survive the festivities of March 6th, I’m going to show up at Chez Poulet with a full load of Cheetos in my underpants. Take that, haters.

  12. Xeni Jardin says:

    You guys might be in a better mood if you ate some delicious Cheetos.

  13. Sam Rothenberg says:

    If only a disclaimer made it right to put ads in the same place as content.

  14. aelfscine says:

    #4: What is this… cheetos? I’ve never heard of them until this very day.

    Yes, it is I! The one human being in America that’s somehow spent 29 years here and never encountered a Cheeto! Every time I’d go down the chip aisle and almost see them, the store would catch on fire and we’d have to evacuate. I’d go inside gas stations and see a rack of snacks that had a conspicuous empty shelf, and when I asked about it the owner would mumble something under his breath and I’d be escorted out by guards. My whole life has been arranged by some dark conspiracy group so that I’d never hear the world ‘Cheeto,’ and now that the secret is out, I’m not sure what will happ- OH GOD THEY’RE HERE

  15. aelfscine says:

    #8: It’s kind of the same principle behind the EULAs that BoingBoing hates some much…

  16. grenz says:

    @aelfscine: is cheeto really the singlar form of cheetos?

  17. wolfiesma says:

    Cheetos would put me in a better mood, I think, washed down with a ice cold energy drink. Yes, *much* better mood. I think, in fact, we may have hit upon the magical alchemical recipe to make me rise from my seat to the 7-11. Rise! Rise!! Wolfiesma, she is risen!!!

  18. DeeAnAy says:

    Probably should have been posted on the side with the other ads. I’d still watch.

  19. mcgringostarr says:

    just get the Uke Girls to sing about cheetos, and I’ll go look for celeb nip slips until you’re done.

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