Pig Flu: Et Tu, Pooh?


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  1. Phlip says:


    Here’s another Poo vs Piglet fable for y’all. It explains the Oil War in simple terms that even a grownup can understand.

    (And it also cites “et tu Brute”, from /Julius Caesar/ by Shakespeare!)


  2. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    My friend posted this the other day as
    “WH1N1E the Pooh”

  3. Teapunk says:

    Since Disney put Poo and Piglet already through their manger and drained everything original and fun out of the books, there’s nothing left anyone could do to them anyway.
    (interesting copyright case between A.A. Milne and Disney, btw)

  4. nanuq says:

    Any pig stupid enough to hang out with a carnivore is a Darwin award candidate anyway.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Telegraph did this joke in the UK at the start of the week:

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time that one-track minded, prick bear thinks of something besides honey.

  7. certron says:

    Saw this yesterday and see fit to repeat my comment: No ending quote and misspelled expletive.

    Be on the lookout for jokes that start with “Something something when pigs fly…” followed by some expository material and ending with the explanation being “Swine flew.”

    I expect to see it on Leno by Tuesday.

  8. JIMWICh says:

    Too late…

    @JIMWICh, Wed 29 Apr 08:39 via TweetDeck

    ‘Member when you told someone you’d do something “when pigs fly”? A’ight, now’s your chance. Swine Flu.

  9. Dapremonster says:

    Posted on my Facebook wall @ 7:17am 2 days ago

    “hundreds of years ago, they said the only way a black man would be president would be if pigs flew, and look at that, one hundred days into his presidency and swine flu!”

  10. Gronk says:

    @3: Well, the expletive ain’t so bad – consider it a vernacular variant employed for added punch – but the missing quotation mark at the end does spoil the effect a bit.

  11. philipb says:

    Pooh & Piglet are off-limits. Get that?

  12. Tdawwg says:

    Fail for no closing quotation marks. (Damn, you Photoshop wizards need to take a fucken writing class!) Win, however, for the terrific bear-vernacular “fucken.”

  13. retchdog says:

    It’s an excerpt. Pooh’s paragraph might follow on the next page, hence no closing quote on this sentence.

  14. Teufelaffe says:

    Here…I took the liberty of “correcting” it:


  15. Anonymous says:

    With PHILIPB. You touch Pooh, you have to deal with me.

  16. Doujoux says:

    That particular spelling variant is not uncommon here in the Antipodes. If it helps, think of it as dialectal.

  17. Nelson.C says:

    Teufelaffe: Damn, you Photoshop wizards need to take a fuckin’ lesson in kerning.

  18. eustace says:

    (Another thin coating of coffee sprayed across my keyboard dammit)

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