Lutheran Halal cafe

In Brooklyn, the Lutheran Halal Cafe. As Patrick Nielsen Hayden notes, "I wonder what Lutheran halal cuisine would entail. Doner kabab hot dish?"

In Brooklyn, about a mile south of us (via Making Light)


  1. Jello. For Lutherans, there would be jello, quite possibly with marshmallows.

    And the coffee goes without saying.

  2. There is a Chinese Halal place on 4th avenue and Dean street and a Italian Halal place in Bensonhurst. There are even Halal soul food places, which stirs up some severe cognitive dissonance.

    In this case however, the the Lutheran Halal Cafe is across the street from Lutheran Hospital.

  3. Halal soul food does not seem that strange to me. Rice, peas, fried chicken, biscuits etc are very popular in Trinidad and due to the high muslim population there, a lot of it is halal.

    bviously this doesn’t extend to pork products though!

  4. It’s very quiet in there. Most of the customers are demure and pay what they can by way of sealed envelope. Also, diners are confused when trying to determine which seating (by the window or by the cash register) counts as the ‘back’ of the store. Mayhem ensues as most diners settle on politely milling about in the middle of the room. Still, the proprietor does make sure to shake the hands of all departing diners.

  5. On the Beeb’s “Have I Got News For You” this week one of the guests was Iranian comedian Shappi Khorsandi, who at one stage complained about finding buttons, not coins, in her piggy bank when she was a kid, and the host, Lee Mack, wondered about Muslim kids being allowed piggy banks. She said it was OK, it was a halal piggy bank.

  6. Lutheran Halal is just like regular Halal but except without all the rules against eating pork and other unclean foods.

  7. A couple of weeks ago while I was in Singapore, I saw a Halal Thai restaurant (as well as a Kosher Indian place)…

  8. Lutheran Halal Cafe: Where the all the coffee is strong, all the pitas are good looking, and all the falafels are above average.

    Ibrahim Keillor, A Pakistani Home Companion

  9. Just a couple blocks, by the way, from the major Lutheran Medical Center. The More You Know.

  10. Bishop: I really enjoy working with young people such as yourself down at our new Lutheran Center… Why don’t you drop by sometime, eh?

    Danny Noonan: I’ve often thought of entering the Priesthood.

    Bishop: Oh, are you a Roman Catholic?

    [Danny nods]

    Bishop: Oh, then I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you can’t come.

  11. @Stuart Keller. Many of the Indian restaurants in the New York area are kosher. If they are vegetarian it’s not much of an imposition and I suppose it attracts a few more Jewish customers.

  12. I can’t help but wonder:
    -Do seniors pay on Spaghetti nights every Wednesday.
    -No pork with the Saturday morning pancake breakfast?
    -Is a jell-o mold still a sin even if it isn’t in the shape of a man or a beast?

  13. Non-Muslim business owners often serve Halal food, because that is what their customers demand.

    For example, in Dearborn Michigan, there are several McDonalds that serve Halal food. And KFC serves Halal food all around the world. Neither are particularly Muslim institutions from what I understand.

    Anyone who has lived a long time in an ethnically diverse area would not find anything strange or noteworthy about this.

  14. If you can take a photo, you could probably go inside and look at the menu or talk to someone who works there about what the food is like.

    I’ve been to a Chinese halal place that, as far as I could tell, was like regular Chinese food without pork. They did serve beer, which I didn’t expect.

  15. I was always amused by the shop in Dearborn that advertises Halal Amish Chicken.

  16. #24 – Anyone who has listened to a A Prairie Home Companion for any length of time would find this particular sign strange, noteworthy, AND absolutely hilarious.

  17. Heh, I walked by that very place around a month ago when I was visiting NY with my girlfriend. What are the odds it would end up on boingboing?

  18. Noen, I’m not sure whether lutefisk can be made Halal, but even if it could, it would still be a sin against nature.

    Skullhyphy, we didn’t go in because we were bicycling over to the Shore Parkway bike path, and stopping there wasn’t part of the plan. Also, because we knew the deli’s actual menu wouldn’t be as intriguing as the idea of Lutheran Halal.

    Anonymous @29, not as unlikely as you’d think, since my own neighborhood’s not far from there. Lutheran Medical Center, the hospital across the street from the deli, is where I went when I had that cardiac episode last fall.

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