French fry coated hot dog on a stick

200910160944 Behold the french fry coated hot dog, a Korean treat. (Via Kristie Lu Stout)


  1. This may be the lack off sleep coming off an 8 hour trip back from Chicago on the Megabus talking, but I would totally eat that. I would eat the heck out of that.

  2. I will admit, this is more appealing to me then fried butter, fried coke, or any of the other questionable-things-on-a-stick I’ve heard about in the last calendar year.

  3. @Heartfruit: I agree. Though my first thought was “Oh look Boing Boing’s been to the Texas State Fair.”

  4. Sadly, they’re not that good. I was very much looking forward to eating one of these things when I visited Seoul a few years ago. I squeed about Magic Hot Dogs for weeks in anticipation.

    Maybe I got a bad sample, but it was dry and tasteless and the letdown was so severe that I almost wept.

  5. At least all the ingredients this time are things that are traditionally fried, but still not something I’d go for as I don’t care for hot dogs.

    There is only one fair food as far as I’m personally concerned, and that is funnel cake.

  6. Home-made version, anyone? I’m game to try it. I How does one bind the potato pieces to the sausage? I’m thinking a mixture of potato starch, egg yolk and MSG, myself…

  7. These healthy treats were recently seen at the cafeteria in the New Research Building at Harvard Medical School.

  8. The Minnesota State fair still has deep friend candy bars (which I hear tell double as a heart-attack inducing suppository) The US isn’t down for the count on junk-food yet!

  9. I agree with all comments. Looks delicious, needs bacon and cheese, will keep an eye out for it in the US once I move there.

    1. Quebecers will coat it with cheese (poutine) and call it ‘pooch on a stick’

      EWW! Both “poutine” and “pooch on a stick” sound disturbingly gross!

  10. I am a big proponent of fried food in general and corn dogs specifically, but truthfully, this really doesn’t look that appetizing to me.

  11. “Just a shame that it’s made of actual dog”

    Nah, I’m sure they cheaped out and mixed some cat in it too.

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