HOWTO make a Glenn Beck Diaper Halloween Mask


19 Responses to “HOWTO make a Glenn Beck Diaper Halloween Mask”

  1. AirPillo says:

    Ughh, free publicity for shock jocks, even if it is satirical, is fighting fire with kerosene.

    “Any publicity is good publicity.”

  2. Brainspore says:

    Beck went off the Depend a long time ago.

  3. Jake0748 says:

    I keep hearing about this Glen Beck dude. I’m proud and happy to say I’ve never seen his show. From what most of my fellow boingers have to say about him… I’ll think I’ll keep it that way. :)

  4. gparker32 says:

    Is there a link for a Keith Olbermann or Nancy Pelosi mask?

  5. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    What would be brilliant would be if the Beck face would appear after the diaper is soiled, to fully advertise that it’s completely full of shit.

  6. The Chemist says:

    I think it’s a great way to get punched in the face by some deluded follower. Other than that, it seems interesting. I say “seems” ’cause I’m in a public place and prudence is telling me not to click the link just yet. (Thanks for the warning Xeni.)

    • TEKNA2007 says:

      I think it’s a great way to get punched in the face by some deluded follower.


  7. Ratdog says:

    Im feeling a combination of this and other costumes would go well. Anyone have a leftover grim reaper outfit?

  8. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    er…”he’ll need to supply *his* own crayons”

    That’ll teach me to change the sentence structure midway through without proofreading again. Bah.

  9. BukaHobbit says:

    Why so much venom? If you don’t like him, simply ignore him. I just don’t understand why so many people have to waste so much energy ‘hating’. I think everyone would be better served if the energy were put into positive actions instead of wasted on infantile attacks, no matter what your political leanings. This reminds me of how much energy was wasted by the right during the Clinton administration mocking him. Just a silly waste of time.

  10. Stefan Jones says:

    The problem with this is that the mask doesn’t seem to retain much of its diaper-nature. Just looks like a white blob.

  11. Roy Trumbull says:

    Beck and the other mouth jockys on Fox aren’t worth talking about. The typical cable wrestling show or Spongebob have 10 times the viewers. Fox ranks alongside local access channels and test patterns.
    Based on the bad bets he’s made, start a betting pool on the day Fox and/or Murdoch will declare bankruptcy.

  12. cognitive dissonance says:

    i’m not his biggest fan, but i do have to admit, the man is a natural entertainer.

  13. bodabing says:

    Carful there bukahobbit, in preaching peace the ‘beck-haters’ you are referring to are liable to think you are attacking them personally.

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