Super Mario on a Arduino-controlled 8x8 pixelboard

CMU's Chloe Fan hacked an Arduino controlled 8x8 pixelboard to play a wicked side-scrolling game of Super Mario. What a fun and creative use of the board! Someone needs to start an Arduino summer-camp; I went to Logo camp when I was 11 or 12 and it was life-changing. I expect there's a kid or two out there waiting to have their minds blown with Arduino. (If you know of such a summer camp, post to the comments; if you're looking for such a summer camp, check the comments!).

Mario Goes Open-Source with Arduino (via /.)


  1. wish all the spammers would just die and level the field for the people who really want to post a comment that has some bearing. having said that this is way cool but I would need to get a set of glasses after playing for a hour.

  2. Cory, once again you have seeded a brilliant idea! Arduino Summer Camp! Brilliant! is working on both a hackerspace and workshops in Guelph (Arduino is first on the list). Camp next, I hope.

    Cheers from the bus stop on McNicoll,


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