4chan prank means Justin Bieber must tour North Korea


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bieber didn’t even know what Germany is. He almost certainly doesn’t know what N Korea or what their political atmosphere is.

  2. Alex says:

    A Kim-Bieber duet would be epic. The two do have much in common, both purportedly resembling lesbians.

    (Craig Ferguson uses Kim Jong-Il’s photo in reference to “an angry lesbian”, and then there’s this site… http://lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com/ )

  3. Anonymous says:

    the results are in
    North Korea
    659141 votes

    624803 votes

    513867 votes

    107388 votes

    90094 votes

  4. Antinous / Moderator says:

    In related news, Toy Story 3 is now the 6th greatest film of all time on IMDb’s Top 250 list. Please, please, please let it be a prank.

  5. Manooshi says:

    Haha! Way to go 4chan. Btw- don’t you think the other top 3 countries were rigged as well? Or are Israel, Poland, and Turkey really Beiber-nations?

  6. Anonymous says:

    bad singers are a dying breed

  7. Nom_de_Guerre says:

    They’ve blocked North Korea in the voting screen… :S

  8. W. James Au says:

    Remember, Kim Jong-il, a huge film buff, kidnapped a South Korean movie star and director and forced them to make a monster movie. No shit:


    So yeah, not only does Kim probably know who Justin Bieber is, but I bet he’d want him to make a movie extolling the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m starting to like 4chan more and more.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think he may be limited to communist era folk songs… which might be an inspiring addition to his ouvre!

  11. Anonymous says:

    At the beginning Poland was voting for Israel and vice versa, but then they decided to form a treaty and vote for North Korea.
    There is a lot more people which You should be thankful to than just 4chan.
    I’m just sayin’.

  12. adwkiwi says:

    Who lets the internet vote on anything anymore? Have we learned nothing from Stephen Colbert?

  13. bradmofo says:

    Ah, quality BBC coverage as usual. My favourite headline from this week was Lady Gaga being the first person to hit some ridiculous number of Facebook fans. Hard-hitting stuff.

  14. spejic says:

    So the internet has given us Bieber and the internet has given us 4chan and the internet has given us the war between them. What The Frak.

    I am so going to buy a Prince CD from a real record store tomorrow. It’s clear he’s onto something.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If Bieber conquers North Korea by some near non-existent miracle, we’ll know who to blame.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Silly BoingBoing.

    Didn’t you realise that it was a fan site not an official site that ran this vote?

    This entire debacle is nothing more than free advertising for the afore mentioned ‘celebraty’

    There’s already several more of these sites setup for different famous wastes of space.

  17. netsharc says:

    Misleading headline … no it doesn’t mean the blowhard has to tour the country, unfortunately. They will probably just say… “surely the votes for NK were a joke”. Oh, will that offend the Dear Leader? Do they care if they offend the Dear Leader?

    I wish they’d excluded assholic regimes, in which case Israel doesn’t have a right to be there either. Yay, what’s the Godwin equivalent of bringing Israel v. Palestina into a discussion? Because I think I just won it!

  18. airshowfan says:

    In all seriousness: Who IS this Justin Bieber that I keep hearing about? Have I now become Old, since I must occasionally consult Wikipedia or KnowYourMeme to understand what them kids these days are talking about? (I’m 28).


    This reminds me of that story that Clay Shirky likes, about how to get Web 2.0 wrong: People magazine once asked its readers to vote on the web for People.com’s Most Beautiful Person of the year, and this included a write-in option. A campaign led by a Howard Stern fan encouraged people to write in Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf, and he won with something like 10x more votes than the runner-up (who was also a write-in).

  19. BadIdeaSociety says:

    It would have been more amusing if they had coordinated the votes to send Justin Bieber to Palestine. You’d end up sending Bieber to a dangerous place and break the heart of the number 2 country’s Beiber fans at the same time.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If Justin Bieber offer North Korea as a voting option, he must go to North Korea.

    is not 4chan fault that he must go there, is his fault for putting the option to be voted there.

    Why offer some countries as voting options if you don’t plan to go there even if they win?

  21. ThomDowting says:

    There’s no Palestine option? Guess the Palestinian territories don’t count as a country.

    “No Bieber for you!”

  22. PushTheOtherButton says:

    N. Korea has a 7,000 vote lead over Israel. So who’s going to take home the prize, the Bieb Dweebs, or the Bieb Heebs?!

  23. Thac0 says:

    I did my part and voted. I hope all the people at boingboing will do so too. Its time to infect the DPRK with Bieber Fever!

  24. Anonymous says:

    israel is catching up: north korea is 6175 votes ahead now. oh, the gory recount.


  25. Nash Rambler says:

    Alas, “Pit of Wolves” is not recognized as an official country.

  26. mhlaxp says:

    lol, internet

  27. Anonymous says:

    As an Israeli – thank you, 4chan!

    NEVER thought I’d say this…

  28. Anonymous says:

    beiber if you do go there…

    “please don’t come back” : )

  29. JBL says:

    “It is not known if Kim Jong-il is a fan of Justin Bieber’s music”

  30. Anonymous says:

    We can treat this prank as an opportunity. North Korea gets Bieber, and in exchange…well…let’s just say we’ll owe them a big favour.

  31. spiderking says:

    Whoa. Easy with that “Canadian singer” label. He was just another YouTuber kid until your Usher decided to do whatever it is he did. Let’s not turn this into a diplomatic incident.

    • Xenu says:

      Don’t you think sending Justin Bieber to North Korea would be a diplomatic incident in and of itself?

  32. Karmadrome says:

    As long as he closes with “America-Fuck Yeah!” it’ll be epic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck that, let him open with that, they’ll swarm him and he will killed early on in the set.. We shouldn’t allow him to be inflicted on anybody, not even the North Koreans.. Thats just cruel!

  33. puff says:

    Of course, North Korea could see this as a psychological warfare attack and use it as a pretext to invade Westeastern Buttheadistan.

  34. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Well, it gives him something to do while his mother is posing for Playboy.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Now now, the Canadian government has apologised for Justin Bieber on several occasions

  36. Antinous / Moderator says:

    My captcha to vote for sending Biebz to NK was ‘enough eunuch’.

  37. johnnyaction says:

    Maybe Bieber and Kim Jong Il can do a duet!

    I’ve got you babe, Ebony and Ivory, Under Pressure, Up where we belong…

    The possibilities are endless.

  38. Anonymous says:

    if we send justin bieber to north korea, lets trap him in there like all the other north korean people :P

  39. sterling says:

    I feel sorry for the kid. In a few years he’ll just get spit out the other end by the record industry. Maybe he’ll be totally fucked up so he’ll stay in the news long after his musical career is over, but that will be even worse. Of course I’m sure his handlers are taking care of this, I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even know North Korea is in the lead here.

    My eleven year old daughter has just discovered Mr. Bieber, so the sooner his career is over the better…

  40. Anonymous says:

    I kind of secretly pity that kid. Hopefully he didn’t break down in tears or something after viewing the poll.

    Although he is the worst thing out of Canada since Nickleback. Why do all our awful acts have to be popularized?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Kim, just do us a solid and detain the biebs indefinitely. We’ll just forget about that whole nuke situation. South Korea, you’re on your own.

  42. Gordon Stark says:

    Quote: “…let’s just hope he stays there.”

    OMG! Are we already raining on Justin’s netride?

    It’s not his fault! Let the kid enjoy his ride
    while it lasts.

  43. mn_camera says:

    What is this Justin Bieber of which you speak?

  44. querent says:

    wow, he’s a kid. oh well.

  45. morcheeba says:

    The contest ends at 8am Israeli time, so it would be harder for them to pull ahead at the last hour (and it’ll be 10 pm – 1 am US time… prime 4chan hours, or so I’m told)

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, Canada balances the excellent actors and comedians they give the world with terrible musicians like Nickleback, this guy and Rush!

  47. dhalgren says:

    I must be getting old. The last thing of interest that came out of Canada that I took note of was Pamela Anderson – before she became a blow-up doll.

    I should be thankful that I have no idea who Justin Bieber is so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

    • spcfgt says:

      Watched any movies or TV lately? Odds are they had a good chunk of Canadian talent in them (per capita.)

      • dhalgren says:

        From what I gather from the comments is that Beiber is lacking this so-called ‘talent’. As for TV I stopped watching television in 2000. The television I do own that I watch my old DVD’s on is an ancient SONY Trinitron that I’ve had since the mid-1980′s. And yes I do realize that THE X-FILES was filmed in Canada.

        Good for you.

        As for new movies I try to avoid them if at all possible. Unfortunately two or three times a year I find myself in the movie theater. You may be right. There might be a Canadian or two in the movie but more likely a Mexican or Chinese or Korean and maybe some random European actor since my taste in movies runs in that direction.

        I have nothing against Canada. I loved Vancouver in the early 1970′s when my parents and I would drive up during the summer from California.

  48. Xopher says:

    I didn’t think anything would put me on Justin Bieber’s side. Having 4chan go after him does it, though. Poor kid.

  49. Anonymous says:

    What the fuck is up with that kid’s hair?

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