Open Source Hardware Definition released, first Open Hardware Summit in NYC, Sept 23


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gee, I seem to have written most of that definition. It would have been nice if they’d cited me. – Bruce Perens

    • Anonymous says:

      hey bruce, you’re linked (TAPR) on the first sentence of the page.

      “OSHW Draft Definition 0.3 is based on the Open Source Definition for Open Source Software and draft OSHW definition 0.2, further incorporating ideas from the ***TAPR Open Hardware License***. ”

      would you like this to say anything more?

  2. kanzure says:

    There’s also a community (mailing list) for open source hardware that readers might be interested in pursuing called open manufacturing. From time to time there are some particularly interesting discussions listed here.

    - Bryan

  3. Aleksandar Blagojevic says:

    there is still hope for humans!!! aaaaand one more thing: google to stay not evil and we will gonna conquer space:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s the difference between this and the Open Design Definition drafted in 2000?

    I don’t get how open design and open source hardware are different. I originally thought the latter was a subset of the former, more focused on electronic hardware, but this definition covers “machines, devices, or other physical things”

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Felix Mitchell says:

    “The indented, italicized sections below appear as annotations to the Open Source Definition”

    Are these the ‘Rationale:’ parts? They’re not italicized or indented for me.

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