They fart glitter


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  1. grimc says:


  2. edi says:

    wait… what…???

  3. wispsmoke says:

    This link, I do not think it means what you think it means.

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    Indeed, a mispaste for the ages. Fixed now.

  5. Felton says:

    Reason #6 is enough for me.

  6. Jonathan Badger says:

    Um, aren’t unicorns only into virgins? So even if you qualify, wouldn’t they dump you in quick order?

  7. djfrantz says:

    Glitter Farts is my router SSID

  8. JDMcDonnell says:

    I would really like to make a Twilight/Glitter in the Sun joke but I’m already too tired of it.

    When I’m walking
    I strutt my stuff
    And I’m so strung out.
    I’m high as a kite and I just might
    stop to check you out.
    Let me go out.
    So I can glitter in the sun.
    Let me go out,
    Bella Swan I know your the one.

    (I will take all replies to this comment while burning in hell thank you :)

    • bombertherigpig says:

      That was awesome JD. Let’s see how many people understand it now. Good stuff, you glorious bastard.

  9. dbarak says:

    #11 – They’re always horny.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There’s ASCII art, commented out, in the markup:

  11. bzishi says:

    You will have but a half-life, a cursed life the moment the blood of a unicorn touches your lips. I can only imagine what would happen if you tried #5.

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