Chewbacca fights Nazis while riding mutant squirrel

Created by DeviantArt user Gamefan84, who says all that needs to be said: "Craziest request ever: Chewie riding a giant cute squirrel chasing down Nazis. He needs long flowing fur and a giant roar."

You might stop by his DeviantArt page and tell him how great this is.

(via BB Submitterator / The High Definite)


  1. Somehow this feels like the sequel to Batman lightsabering a shark. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  2. I love it! The bowcaster stands out like a bad CGI prop, but the overall concept and execution more than make up for it… the cowering Nazis look especially realistic.

  3. The squirrel needs to be involved; war horses are trained to fight, the squirrel should be frothing at the mouth, madness in its eyes, nazis spinning away from it’s leathal strikes.

    The Pale Scot

  4. Must post this at the telescope!

    (back story: Mt. Graham Red Squirrel caused a ruckus; lots of squirrel pictures on bulletin board in control room.)

  5. The fact that a talent like this does requests like this makes me a lifelong art lover all over again.

  6. Wow, so cool to see this here! Thanks, Xeni. I’m really, really loving the Submitterator: a terrific idea, a great addition to the site, etc. etc. :D

  7. This was an abandoned sequel from Pandemic for their popular SW:Battlefront game. Star Wars Battlefront 1942: Wookie Fury had all kinds of licensing issues and George Lucas wanted to leave Nazi killing to his pal Spielberg.

    There’s a playable demo locked in Lucas’ vault. Who wants to help me break in?

  8. Mein Furher, the wookie…the wookie..

    Mein Furher, the wookie has an attack squirrel.

  9. This isn’t real! There was no Chewie and no giant squirrel! It simply did not happen. This was, in fact, a Nazi propaganda poster circulated around Stalingrad at the height of the siege. The text (obviously omitted) explained that, “even when the ground is frozen to 18 inches, and food convoys have stopped, the good Nazi soldier will, with teamwork, faith in the superiority of his race, and determination, find ample food in the wild wastes”. The giant squirrel with a wookie on its back was merely a little bit of the famous German humour Ja-ja!

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