Star Wars fan-remake "Star Wars Uncut" is complete


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  1. nutbastard says:

    “something something complete.”

  2. oxrs says:

    I thought Lucas was actually really good about giving fan projects like this a free pass so long as they don’t make money from the project? The official Star Wars website hosts a forum which houses a lot of fan film projects, for example. What’s the problem with this one?

  3. Trotsky says:

    If the entire Star Wars canon consisted of the first two movies and this remake, I’d consider it to be golden. As it stands, I see George Lucas sticking his pommade-sticky sausage links into this brilliant project until it dies from his virulent strain of creative E. coli.

    George Lucas hasn’t been synonymous with fun, creativity, or entertainment for three decades. The legacy of Lucas will be spending the remainder of his bitter days like some cinematic Howard Hughes smashing the scuttling cockroaches who try to sully his glorious space epic.

    I’d like to think this film will see the light of day, but if that relies on the generosity of Lucas, forget it. He’s Kim Jong-il with muppets.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s your beef with Return of the Jedi?

      • robulus says:

        I can’t speak for Trotsky, but I’m going to go out on a limb and EWOKS. Fucking Ewoks.

        Still, I completely forgive that momentary lapse of muppetry surpression, in light of Midichlorians, Jar Jar and representing slavery like its the Brady Bunch.

        • Felton says:

          Not to mention Boy Vader yelling “yippeee!”

        • Trotsky says:

          Yeah, Ewoks.

          Basically after Empire, there’s about fifteen minutes of value in the remaining four films. Take the first two, tack on that miscellaneous fifteen, add this astonishingly stupendous fan masterwork and Star Wars is perfect.

  4. jimh says:

    I just watched “The Escape” sequence, and this is amazing. The scene by scene accuracy and ever-changing characters are wonderful. From legos to chihuahuas to chzburger to paper bag puppets to kids to Carrie Fisher. Fans are just awesome. I absolutely this.

  5. Ugly Canuck says:

    Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion. here’s mine:

    The Star Wars movies, all 6 of them taken together, are a magnificent achievement.

    • Rindan says:

      The scariness of the empire is kind of called into question when “an entire LEGION” of the emperor’s “best troops” get their asses handed to them by three foot tall teddy bears with the agility of a paraplegic armed with an early stone age level of technology. Fuck imperial storm troopers, they should have just sent a couple dozen Spaniards armed with muskets, swords, and horses to subjugate the Endore.

      Get over it. Not only did Greedo shoot first, but there were FOUR Indiana Jones movies, mandalorians, Jar Jar Binks (badass name BTW) is a senator, and “battle droids” are soooo scary with their intimidating physic and scary dialog. Seriously, George HATES you with a burning passion. He wants you to die. If he could kill you and take your wallet he would, but only after defecating on your corpse.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is the same anon as before. I understand about the ewoks now, I guess that makes sense. But seriously, what is your problem with mandalorians? They had a very minimal impact on the plot, but provide the appearance for the fan’s favorite character. Trash ewoks, trash everything else, but leave the mandalorians alone

  6. classic01 says:

    This movie is the kind of milestone that you need 70000 years of cultural development to understand. It’s truly mind bending…

  7. Moriarty says:

    The Ewoks wouldn’t have won if all Imperial technology didn’t explode in a stiff breeze. Or if storm troopers weren’t all cloned from Curly Howard.

    • Felton says:

      Well, as sophisticated as their weaponry was, the Imperials shouldn’t have settled for vacuum-formed plastic armor.

  8. pjcamp says:

    Space dogs?

  9. The Starkiller says:

    Only tangentially related but I just HAD to post this one…

  10. franko says:

    please george, do something right by the fans and let this one pass. you owe us.

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