How to snap like a diva

Don't mess with The Snap Diva. As you will learn through the video above, there are many ways to snap. Appears to be some experimental African-American gay theater/spoken word performance art (anyone know the source?). Out of context, it begs to be born anew as a meme. Found at Robert Popper's blog. I'm particularly fond of "The Medusa Snap."

(video courtesy of the Institute of Snap!thology)

Update: The clip is an excerpt from the 1991 PBS P.O.V. special "Tongues Untied," by Marlon Riggs. You can buy it on DVD here. Clip grabbed by and blogged recently at FourFour.


  1. Oh no you di-int! My head just performed a Scanners-esque explosion from an inability to cope with how awesome this is…

  2. it’s from Marlon Riggs’ film “Tongues Untied” about homophobia and racism, originally aired on PBS in the early ’90s. highly recommended.

  3. Also if in the process of snapping you smack yourself in the face; consider yourself a complete fool.

    My cheek hurts.

  4. The Marlon Riggs film this clip was featured in is called “Tongues Untied” – aired originally on the PBS show P.O.V.

    1. @#14 Right in the middle of watching that, I remember all the finger-snapping the last time I saw West Side Story.

  5. I am envisioning a JRPG whose combat mechanics revolve completely around urban hand gestures.

    *Casts SNAPYDYNE*

    *LIMIT BREAK* Snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap

    SUMMONS DIVA SISTERS Blaine Edwards & Antoine Marryweather

  6. wow thanks, i’d nearly forgotten ‘Tongues Untied’, an absolutely riveting documentary. Must go rent again…!

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