R2D2 home entertainment center integrates 11 consoles, projector

Brian DeVitis, a UCLA mechanical engineering grad student, has spent the past three years modding a giant R2D2-shaped Pepsi dispenser into a home entertainment system with eleven integrated game consoles, a projector, and eight-way sound.

This appears to be an update of the eight-console R2D2 I wrote about last September -- either DeVitis has been adding more stuff to his bot, or there's two of them out there.

DeVitis's gallery

Fort90 coverage


  1. That was in the PAX prime console freeplay room this year. It is exactly as fun to play as it appears to be.

  2. You can actually buy something similar in Japan, life size, fully articulated and mobile complete with a detailed model of the Millenium Falcon housing the remote control.

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