HOWTO make a Zombie Barbie Garden

Carrie and her daughters turned their collection of decrepit Barbies into a garden of ZOMBIE BARBIES for Hallowe'en: "The girls helped rat the hair of all the thrifted Barbies before I coated them with paint. Then they were dressed and creepified with black Sharpie markers. Princess even made them headstones. 'R.I.P. Freaky Barbie.'"

Barbie Zombie Garden (via Craft)


  1. They’re the creepiest because they retain their airhead expression that makes them the hungriest for brains zombies ever.

  2. This is a particularly challenging project precisely because they’re zombies to begin with. There’s a little bit of “gilding the lily” going on here. Great work nonetheless.

  3. Back when Ken, Barbie, and I were all young I recall the dolls being used for a piece of art which was Ken and Barbie in Eden complete with fig leaves.

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