Game controller ornaments

Time to start planning your geeky Channukah Bush, Kwaanza Foliage or Christmas Tree with Etsy-seller UseYourDigits' laser-cut game-controller ornaments.

Controller ornaments - Red Tint (via Wonderland)


  1. Too early to start talking about xmas.

    When I was a child (eight million years ago) xmas wasn’t a topic until after thanksgiving. THEN the xmas season began. Not before.

    Nowadays, the stores are full of xmas stuff the day after halloween. Too soon. Too soon.

    1. Yeah, nobody mourns the lack of a 1976-vintage Pong paddle, but the iconic stick-and-a-button 2600 joystick’s absence is sorely felt.

      It’s like eight tiny reindeer without Rudolph. Just not the same.

  2. Why don’t you just call the holiday it’s original name, Saturnalia?

    (PS. I can only read about 1 in 12 of these captchas)

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