Naked Russian gentleman goes bonkers on video (now with Yakety Sax)

NSFW: contains naked crazy guy pleasuring himself in public, then attempting to copulate with a van—and that ain't the half of if.

Some have speculated that this Russian fellow has mental problems, others PCP problems, still others credit "Vodka, the breakfast of champions." All I know is this sucker begs for a remix with the Benny Hill theme, and I give YouTube like, five minutes before it's taken down. Also: it better not be a goddamned viral video for some energy drink.

[Video Link, via Dangerous Minds]

Update: Ah, of course! YouTube Doubler! BennyHillified version is below...

YouTube Doubler

(thanks, Dave Gorman)


  1. When life presents you with an obnoxious, naked man who is in desperate need of an ass-kicking, kick his ass.

    1. and yet, i can’t help but think — without the advantage of having any other information than that posted — that the poor guy was either a) crazy or b) temporarily off his nut on something. i’d like to think that there was a better way to deal with him than to kick the crap out of him until he’s seemingly unconscious.

  2. I was impressed that most of the people initially showed admirable restraint in not using excessive force against the guy.
    But i guess “lets beat up the crazy naked dude always wins out in the end”

  3. Viral video for the new Russian Terminator films. But in Soviet Russia, instead of Terminator attacking people, people attack Terminator!

  4. I’m trying not to be holier-than-thou… but holy crap, why is “bunch of people kicking some guy who’s clearly lost it” something to be benny-hillified? Yes, he’s probably being a pain in the ass, but… seriously. Why are we laughing at this?

    1. Because people who have lost it for whatever reason are damn funny. Watching him get beat up isn’t the funny part, watching him be a total wingnut is. This is why we love TV shows similar to JacK Ass. Honestly I thought it might have been a bit from that show at first.

      1. I just got back from watching Jackass 3d, and I did find that really funny (been a fan since the first show). I couldn’t really laugh about this at all, not even the part where he was just someone who lost it. I could imagine myself being _in_ jackass and enjoying it, but I don’t know… I felt rather sad for the guy rather than laugh at him.

    2. I was laughing more at the beginning part of the film. On top of that, based on the text this appears to be in Russia. The solution and cure for any situation or ailment in Russia is to kick it.

      (Just kidding my Russian friends!)

  5. Actually, I’m surprised they didn’t beat him far more savagely, considering the damage he did to their cars. Especially the fellow in the white shirt/blue shorts. Naked guy actually chased that man into his building AFTER denting the guy’s car. Taking all that into account, I’d say the response from the public was very merciful. I didn’t see any blood or any violent beating and kicking. They just took him down and covered him up, presumably while someone else called the cops.

  6. @#4 Who puts an alarm on a Lada? Someone who is afraid someone else will jump on the roof and cave it in.

  7. naked russian gentleman, I love it. I too am reminded of Mr. Borat, but am mystified about the car alarm on the little Yugo thing…

  8. I don’t get the NSFW advisory. I don’t think preschoolers or 8 year olds would be traumatized by seeing this mans penis, even full screen.
    The dog running around with the coat on though, that is frightening.

    1. Generally, masturbation and nudity for any gender falls under what most of our readers consider NSFW, so I include the advisory as a courtesy to our community.

  9. I’d hit that. But seriously, every time I saw a dog walk anywhere near the dude I feared for its life/anus.

  10. After watching this full video I can’t believe I spent the 70s and 80s in fear of the Soviets.
    Sure I was a kid, but still.

  11. This is a new low for boingboing. Not only posting a video of somebody naked, being beaten up by a gang, but suggesting that it’s laughable material by including the Benny Hill music. Would this have been funny if it was a naked woman being kicked by a gang of people?

    1. “Would this have been funny if it was a naked woman being kicked by a gang of people?”

      Well, no, but that’s a different situation, as a woman would have almost certainly been totally outclassed physically. The “don’t hit girls” rule is based on more than just chivalry.

      (Note: I only watched part of the video, but I found it distressing. I’m not saying that I think it’s funny when it’s a man, just that there’s a reason I – and most people – would be more worried if the victim was a woman.)

  12. What is it about crazy people and nudity? I mean, it’s like the second someone loses their marbles, they immediately lose their clothes.

    Hm… and for that matter, why aren’t there more really cute (insert gender of preference) crazy people who get naked? Yes, perhaps that’s the more pressing question…

    1. Wearing clothes is a pretty “unnatural” act: how many animals have you ever seen wearing self-made clothes? Hence, as soon as you throw out the rules of polite society, clothes are among the first things you’ll find unnecessary (bar extreme weather). Plus, most drugs will accelerate your body functions, so when you’re high you’ll usually feel hot.

      Initially i thought this guy could be mentally ill, but his behavior is too erratic — someone fixated on masturbation would probably keep masturbating, at least intermittently. Also, the (younger?) guy handing him some sort of clothes, who clearly knows the guy, would probably try harder to stop him, if he was used to handle this sort of situation because of recurring outbreaks. It’s also too extreme to be alcohol, his coordination and power are way too good to be drunk. So yeah, I’d say drugs of some sort.

      (Personally, I’m in the self-righteous camp: I’ve seen mental illness, it’s very difficult to joke about it once it degenerates in aggressive situations, and it can challenge pretty much all assumptions about your own sanity, which is why it’s so damn scary at the social level.)

  13. I really really really don’t consider this funny. At all. On the contrary, it is sad: for the guy, obviously, but also for the owners of the cars.

    It’s safe to assume that whoever does this could be considered out of his mind.

  14. I suppose not a lot has changed since the classy folk used to go down to Bedlam to point and laugh at the funny crazy people.

  15. At one point or another we have all been the completely-lost-it naked-person. This video presents many aspects of human experiential theater, including humor. But the primary emotion evoked in me, was concern that the crazy person would injure someone or be injured seriously himself.

    The word “bonkers” (featured in the title,)to me connotes wacky-fun local furniture store television spot.
    “Woooo!!! woooo!!! i’m totally bonkers! i’m selling these living room combinations for prices sooooooooo low you’ll think i’m BoNkErS!!!!”

    The man in the video is not selling any furniture. Only pathos.

  16. Obviously some people find this funny, I do not I am sure many do not either. I dont think boing boing have stooped low maybe the poster who included it really loves the video for entertainment. There is nothing witty about it, however mental illness is a real issue in all parts of the world. Even if the guy is drunk to get that drunk to do this sad really.

  17. Wow there’s a lot of self righteousness in these comments. Its perfectly possible to find something absurd and humorous whilst still having compassion for the person (or people) involved. Its laughter at unexpected behavior, not at the person portraying it. Personally, if I lived in those buildings I’d be stripping naked and wanking in the streets once a week just to let off steam.

  18. I don’t get sad from this, I get funny. This video 1. has no sound and is too far away to make out details like his face that would give it a sense of intimacy 2. he may be having a nervous break down but if your nervous break down includes jumping on cars, waving your dick at people and following them into their house it’s funny, this video is actually so well orchestrated I am on the fence about it’s fakeness. and 3. at no point in this video are they ganging up and kicking the shit out of this guy, a few people punched him in response the the crazy but it seemed to be handled with minimal violence.

  19. I think they handled him as gently as could be expected, really, in the end just getting him on the ground and holding him there. There’s even a moment when someone does kick him while down, and another guy pushes the kicker away.

    But I don’t see it as funny, even if six-year-olds think it is. It just makes me sad.

    1. About pushing the guy who kicked him, exactly; I was a little surprised that nobody else had mentioned that. Seriously, people were pretty pissed, but considering that the guy was absolutely refusing to calm the fuck down and kept trying to hurt people without provocation? That was relatively not much force.

  20. Did anyone else notice how the little dog in pink coat that leaves to the right around 0.41 returns from the left around 5.41. 5 minutes around the block with those stumpy little legs? *That* deserves a benny hill theme.

  21. This was pretty great until the guys all kind of mobbed up and started giving him a lot of unnecessary kicks.





    1. @Bardfinn: Awesome. I never did see what was so ecologically friendly about sleeping ideas, though.

      @Xeni: “Also: it better not be a goddamned viral video for some energy drink.” Hilarious. Vodka + speed, to get you through the afternoon.

      Re NSFW rating is correct, better to be cautious.

      Note to self: Remember to remove sandals when kicking.

      That hotel has pretty good service, bringing a bathrobe outside.

      Someone needs to remix Dorothy calling for Toto when that little
      pink dog enters…

  23. Although small and not terribly strong, I am certain I would have responded to the man with much more extreme prejudice than the initial gentleman who exhibited great restraint.

    If someone was fucking up my car and attacking me, I am fairly certain I would respond with all the pent up 21st century rage in my body or run away **AND LOCK MY FRONT DOOR.**

    The way people reacted makes me think he was a known local nutball with serious mental-health issues. Particularly the woman (?) with the blanket who is trying to help cover him up early on. Small women generally don’t gently approach wild, naked, auto-eroticizing strange men in public.

    That said, interesting and def. funny at times.

  24. This reminds me that everything we do may be on someone’s cellphone.

    @Neon Tooth
    If he jumped on your car roof, I bet you’d kick him too, maybe even more?

  25. Funny or not, it’s -interesting- to see someone so far outside the bounds of normal behavior and how “normal” people respond to it. On the whole, he wasn’t treated that badly for being so far out of his gourd. The one guy he fought with wanted to kick him while he was down, but another member of the forming crowd actually pushed him back.

    At any rate the video had fewer crazy people and less violence than your average American political rally.

  26. This video challenged my prejudices. I kept waiting for the infamous Russian brutality to emerge and beat the crazy fucker to death.

    I also never expected that stray dogs in Russia wear coats. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT?!

  27. “I’d say the response from the public was very merciful.”

    I agree. I also don’t think it was alcohol (he’s still too coordinated, despite what’s he’s actually doing), more like PCP or some kind of hallucinogen. Or simple insanity, really. I can’t believe someone didn’t hurt him more seriously; after he damaged all those cars, I would’ve been trying to knock him cold, not feel sorry for him.

    I mean, what do you do, when you’ve got someone going crazy like this? I’d say limiting the damage is the first priority, not sympathy. Trying to keep his injuries to a minimum would be great, but people don’t think like that when they’re fighting back or trying to stop him. It also seems like his neighbors might already know him, they seemed to be pretty forgiving.

  28. 3:07 – Wrong head, dude.

    3:45 – No, I did not order a “sausage pizza”.

    Anyway, after spending months over in Eastern European countries, I still don’t know if there is a central “911”-style number to call in emergencies like this.

    1. 112 on any GSM phone. We should make it a universal standard for phone systems. I believe 112 works from European land lines.

  29. I was laughing…. Until they mob started beating him……

    Seriously why can’t people show some restraint and just subdue someone who is obviously out of their mind? Once someone is on the ground they are fairly helpless to fight back. Then again people tend not to think when some crazy naked guy starts attacking them.

    Humanity Fail.

  30. What’s so special about cars that people feel the need to commit violence over them? It’s just a car.

    Oh, and naked man is my hero. I live a better life vicariously through his glorious romp! Makes me feel a little ashamed at how small I kept my doses of LSD when I did it. That man knows how to trip balls!

  31. Это он, это он, гаммабутиролактон!

    Neither vodka nor PCP. It’s home-made GHB (sodium oxybate) or its precursor, gammabutyrolactone, which is semi-freely available in Russian stores as a common solvent. Makes you super-horny (hence the enthusiastic masturbating in the beginning) and totally oblivious – also impervious to any pain or injury until you crash. He won’t remember ANY of it next morning.

  32. Too agile for vodka. Not impervious enough for PCP. My money is on mental illness. Note the person who comes out with a blanket for him – overwhelmed carer/family member who has seen it before?

    1. Note the person who comes out with a blanket for him – overwhelmed carer/family member who has seen it before?

      My guess? Embarrassed trip sitter/roommate.

  33. I was going to say this man obviously has Dave’s Syndrome, but I see some fellow genius has already identified this man’s plight.
    Carry on.

  34. If this is mental illness, it’s not so funny.

    If he is tripping-balls on something, it’s pretty hilarious.

    He certainly woke up the next day with some bumps and bruises, but count me in as someone who thought they used remarkable restraint. There really was no pile-on mob beating, and he didn’t get shot or stabbed.

    For those who think the proper response should have been to “carefully restrain him and then call the police”: If I come outside to find a whacked-out, masturbating naked man jumping on my car, my goal is to get him to stop doing what he’s doing while minimizing physical contact while trying not to get myself hurt. I am not trained in “proper restraint techniques” nor do I really want to wrestle on the ground with a crazy naked person…

  35. Ashamed I watched this video. Violence breeds violence. He too is a son, brother, uncle, friend; and a human being.

    1. I’m not going to judge this fellow’s actions: for there, but for the grace of some few brain cells, go I!

  36. Why does anyone feel sorry for a crazy who’s either too crazy to act differently or so high it doesn’t matter. I feel bad for just about everyone else int eh video besides the naked guy, he caused a decent amount of damage on top of public masturbation and humping a van.

  37. crazy people are notoriously hard to subdue. You generally don’t just sit them down calmly – it almost always requires a significant use of force. These folks were more than reasonable in their use of force. A crazy person here in the states would have fared much worse if the cops had shown up.

  38. I’ve read through all the comments and am ready to pronounce my verdict.

    The correct answer to whether or not this is funny is, yes, its funny. The scene where he humps the van was worth the ticket price on its own.

    Juanpa loses the thread for being more concerned about people’s cars than the obvious ripple of human sanity that we’re watching.

    Gabriel C wins the thread for the line “every time I saw a dog walk anywhere near the dude I feared for its life/anus”.

    And to everyone else: thanks for playing, and have a nice day.

  39. The reason they don’t beat him mercilessly is that the guy doesn’t feel pain. It would be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s PCP.

  40. The way the camera is set up to catch this, and the whole way it is filmed, makes this reek rather of the Russian PhotoExtreme trend. This could easily be staged.

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