Parrot sings "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" (video)

You're welcome. Also, I'm sorry. [video link]


  1. Ok, not meaning to thread jack, but the other day I was pondering, do parrots taste good? Google turned up useless results. So my question for the minds/experiences of boingboing, Are Parrots good eats? Thank you.

  2. I know parrots, well, parrot, but I found mine actually has musical tastes. Some songs I put on she likes, others she hates, some (Hot Chip : “I Feel better”) get the birdy WTF face.

  3. I’m impressed that the parrot was able to recognize the vocal line amongst the instruments.

    Assuming this is genuine. Sounds like it but we’ve seen fakes before.

    “It’s photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels.”

  4. I’ve never wanted a parrot before now.

    If I could get an African Grey to sing Run To The Hills, my life would be complete.

    1. My African Grey heard my daughter complaining about her day in school and the next day, when she came home from school, he repeated EXACTLY what she had said the day before. In her voice.
      Sometimes they only have to hear something once.

  5. This seems like something that would be very, very amusing the first 10 times you got to hear it.

    Annoying the 100th time.

    And before 1K, there would be an Ex-Parrot. Pining for the fjords.

    1. OK to quote someone’s comment on youtube re-this…this…this I don’t know what.

      “wtf did I just watch?”

  6. OOOOhhh, my son’s 5th grade teacher called me telling me that my son was singing this song and how horrible he was for singing it. SHould I anonymously email her this link?

  7. Hey did anyone else read the Youtube comments?

    Apparently ripped this video off and are now showing it on their site.
    (I know a common practice, but it seems like the owner of this vid needs some guidance.)

    Anybody have any suggestions? A possibly a lawyer who’s open to some pro-bono work? :)

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