Three medina kittens waking up in Marrakech, Morocco


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  1. RainyRat says:

    Whatever’s up with BB’s image server caused the photo on the homepage to be replaced in my browser with the three “Icy Hot Stuntaz” guys from a couple of days ago. This improved the humour level of the post immeasurably, and I think that “Medina kittens” would be a much better name.

  2. NeonCat says:

    We can haz halal cheezburgers, plz?

  3. inness says:

    Seriously cute, but come on. Do they not get The Price Is Right reruns in Marrakesh?! Does Mr. Barker need to make a personal appearance?!

  4. sdmikev says:

    Love it.
    Not to toot my wife’s horn, as it were, but she was there last year with a friend and took some amazing photographs.
    I’m very envious of her photog skills:

  5. enishmarati says:


  6. Ratdog says:

    I have been to Marrakech several times in the past 2 years Im always amazed by the the cats. I have seen them in pots like this before, though there were so many that the pot was completely full.

    Marrakech is a great city.

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