Three medina kittens waking up in Marrakech, Morocco


Hugo Van Tilborg, a Boing Boing reader, pal of mine, and an avid photographer, shares this image of three kittens waking up today in Marrakech. Hugo lives and works in Morocco. What did the kittens look like last night when they were sleeping? Why, so glad you asked...



  1. I have been to Marrakech several times in the past 2 years Im always amazed by the the cats. I have seen them in pots like this before, though there were so many that the pot was completely full.

    Marrakech is a great city.

  2. Whatever’s up with BB’s image server caused the photo on the homepage to be replaced in my browser with the three “Icy Hot Stuntaz” guys from a couple of days ago. This improved the humour level of the post immeasurably, and I think that “Medina kittens” would be a much better name.

  3. Seriously cute, but come on. Do they not get The Price Is Right reruns in Marrakesh?! Does Mr. Barker need to make a personal appearance?!

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