Minecraft Creeper onesie


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  1. kevinsky says:

    The novelty onesie industry is pure profit, I should get into that racket!

    If you’re buying expensive novelty onesies for yourself or as a gift, get them in a larger size so there’s a chance the baby can wear it more than once or twice before growing out of it! We got so many awesome baby gifts sized for kids under six months, and we were really disappointed at how soon we had to throw them in Too Small Bin.

    First six months, not much point in buying the pricey stuff. Past the six month mark or so, the baby’s growth starts to slow down a bit, so shoot past that.

  2. Sxe says:

    If ever there was an argument for procreation of the human species, this is it. I am immediately baby-crazy for a little creeper I can teach to hide around corners and hissssss.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really only forsee one problem with this, in the game those things look like hopping exploding green dicks…

  4. pKp says:

    Major problem is that if your baby is ever around a serious Minecraft geek, he’ll either start running his ass off or hitting the baby with a shovel.

    (seriously, the “hisssss” of a creeper is up there with the “clink” of a CS flashbang as Most Creepy Videogame Noise Ever).

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s right up there with the onesie I got for our first child that had a Mac trashcan icon (full, of course) printed on the butt.

  6. Lobster says:

    Sadly, I have found that babies do not release a hiss of warning before exploding all over your rug, your upholstery, and you.

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