Space Shuttle Endeavour readies for Monday launch


In the photograph above by Robert Pearlman, space shuttle Endeavour emerges from behind the launch pad's rotating service structure. SpaceFlightNow has ongoing coverage (and live webcast of the launch), and SomaFM has a terrific ambient audio feed going. Godspeed!


  1. I was hoping that the final Shuttle launch would get the external tank painted white like the first few launches had.
    Just because!

  2. So sad, but like the reactors also designed in the 60’s we need to move on.
    My grandfather died when I was a kid so I went to a funeral instead of my seat at a shuttle launch.

  3. I will be arriving at work at approximately that time, so I’ll miss the webcast. However, I will stop and look off to the south-southeast; I’m a few counties north of KSC…

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