Rubber bookshelves


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  1. Tim Dierks says:

    The perfect bookshelf for anyone who owns less than 20 books.

  2. ben_4149 says:

    Perfect place to put any chinaware that you don’t mind breaking.

  3. David Bolton says:

    All you need to do is place a wooden plank on top of each on, and….   Ah, right, it wouldn’t be art anymore. 

  4. Felton / Moderator says:

    They have the delightful impracticality of all the everyday objects
    crafted from rubber that appear in old Warner Brothers cartoons, and the
    bright red coloring is an especially nice touch.

    I was thinking they’d be perfect for someone’s Dr. Seuss collection.

  5. woodly says:

    You can store your weed on it.

  6. bolamig says:

    Silicone belongs in the kitchen and bedroom, not in the study.

  7. Meanwhile, in Twilight’s library….

  8. Childe Roland says:

    The triumph of form over function.

  9. GTMoogle says:

    As often as I’ve had a book that was just a bit too tall for my bookshelves, I don’t think this lacks function. 

  10. blueelm says:

    I wonder how well they’re secured to the wall. It seems to me these could hold a few books fairly well so long as they are secure and the you remove books carefully (especially if you had them stacked sideways) which is no worse than some of those small nook-style bookshelves really. As some one who has enough books for wall to wall bookage though, I’m just seeing wasted storage space!

  11. Sahil Sehgal says:

    perfect shelf to keep books

  12. Childe Roland says:

    The snap as a book is taken out and the rubber is released does add a kinetic quality that my current shelves are missing.  It would be cool to see my shelves undulating like the ocean around the room. Or like the ‘wave’ at a football game.

  13. You could also increase the durometer of these shelves to make them as stiff as you like and then mold them in a shape to create the illusion of them being stretchy, etc.  Form and function.

    • SamSam says:

      Interesting. You could also design it so the white books in the picture are permanent props, and are part of the structure of the bookshelf. Then make the silicon hard if you like (it’s probably already pretty stiff with those tall books in there) and use it as a regular, wiggly bookshelf.

  14. Mehdi Avdi says:

    God i hope my wife won’t stumble upon this one

  15. stuck411 says:

     Hunter S. Thompson probably envisioned his bookshelves in this state all of the time.

  16. NelC says:

    Any shelf concept that is visualised with only a few books per shelf isn’t going to get a lot of positive attention from me. I want to see how the thing works with a more typical load, i.e. every shelf packed, with more stacked on top.

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