Red Shirt insignia depicts the fate of all redshirts

He's Dead Jim: T-Shirt []


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  1. Andrew Singleton says:

    That is so on my grab list. Thanks Cory!

  2. Brainspore says:

    In the list of risk factors on the back they left out “transformed into a styrofoam cuboctahedron and crushed into dust” as happened to Yeoman Thompson (S2E22, “By Any Other Name”). Although technically I guess that was more of a red miniskirt.

  3. waetherman says:

    Graphic reminds me of a Mark Frauenfelder one I’ve seen….

  4. Ian Leino says:

    Awesome, thanks for the post Cory! I’ve been a long time BoingBoing reader, and it was *quite* an amazing surprise to see on of my designs featured here!

  5. Fnordius says:

    Actually, the blue shirts bought it almost just as often (“Man Trap” and “Galileo 7″ spring to mind). Which makes sense, as they were scientists, not marines.

  6. penguinchris says:

    So is it generally considered cool, in the legal sense (not in the philosophical sense where of course it’s cool), to sell designs like this?

    I’ve been working on some shirt designs myself, and have avoided making references (direct, as in this case, or more subtle) to pre-existing things – though I’ve had plenty of ideas, especially for Doctor Who designs.

    Also, Ian – where do you get your shirts printed (with gold metallic ink, no less) that you can sell them for $20?

  7. peregrinus says:

    aaahh Obsession.  So many of them buy it.  Naughty vampire cloudy thing “60 cubic metres” “20 yards away” “I hesitated” (I didn’t die because I was intrinsic to the closing sequence demonstrating Kirk’s coolness).

  8. Zulia says:

    Franklin Ajaye used to do a routine about  that – he kind of combined the fate of red shirts with fate of black bit players or black side kicks.  Paraphrase:  The brother’s a cube. 

  9. GregS says:

    This is a great design, and it would be even better if it was also available on a long-sleeved T-shirt, so as to look more like the actual shirts in Star Trek.

  10. thepolishpen says:

    Here’s hoping some Klingon-dictionary-weilding-psycho-nerd-fanatic doesn’t see someone wearing this shirt and give ‘em a bat’leth to the head. (I think I’m still reeling from that Juggalo documentary I watched earlier — whoop, WHOOP!!).

  11. Walks says:

    Great design! I did something similar, but not wearable, unfortunately:

    I haven’t had any issues at all with CBS, who handle the rights and licensing for TOS.

  12. UncaScrooge says:

    From an old Mad Magazine, sung to the tune of “Age of Aquarius”:

    When you’re traveling through the galaxy to distant worlds way past Mars
    Be sure that your adventures do not kill off your stars.
    And you can do it with a crew that’s expendable, a crew that’s expendable! Expendable! Expendable!
    Minor actors that you bring on perish when they meet a Klingon
    One-time players not seen later vanish in a planet’s crater.Those of us who try to aid them fail because the script has made them expendable!  Expendable!

  13. Is it just me who wishes someone wrote or pictured the list big enough to be able to read it easily?

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