Doggy AT-AT

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  1. Just_Ok says:

    Where’s Bark Vader?

  2. Stella Sloop says:

    I don’t think the dog is so much seriously ‘styling’ as seriously ‘disliking’ how she’s strapped into all that junk.

  3. Cran says:

    In terms of time expenditures, how does this endeavor compare to dressing your dog up as Boba Fett?,16286/

  4. Ivan Knezevic says:

    I agree, he’s being treated quite ruffly.

  5. Mari Lwyd says:

    omg the puppy is so cute!

  6. IamInnocent says:

    Way to make a very pissed off AT-AT ! :D

    Do you have it in Rottweiler size ?

  7. Mari Lwyd says:

    yes he is! YES HE IS SO CUTE

  8. SKR says:

    I’ve never seen a costumed dog that didn’t have this look of total shame on it’s face. Why people why?

    • Philip Hades says:

       Because it’s SOOO much fun. One halloween we put a bunch igs  in lobster costumes, then put on our chef whites and put a big pot

  9. xkot says:

    She’s not ashamed; she’s looking warily for snowspeeders.

  10. Darth says:

    The dog looks completely freaked out.

  11. Matthew Foglia says:

    Haha, not that it matters, but the dog’s name is “Bones”, … Kate works at “Laika”, an animation studio in Portland, OR.

  12. jeligula says:

    Well, that’s one way to slow down a greyhound.

  13. sisyphus321 says:

    This reminds me of listening to my wife and daughter while they’re watching Project Runway. They’re always annoyed when one of the male contestants designs something that they judge as being unwearable by normal women.

    Maybe we should just let dogs design costumes for dogs.

  14. knoxblox says:

    I think the idea of a CAT-AT would be cute, too.  But y’know, not to actually make one, cuz you can just imagine how that would look…


  15. Wingnut says:

    Dog is thinking:
    “My master is going to be the first to lined up against the wall when the Dog Revolution comes….”

  16. tiredofit says:

    OK, so you have a dog pretending to be an AT-AT.  Here’s an AT-AT pretending to be a dog:

  17. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Just a wee bit abusive.

  18. Just_Ok says:

    Imagine what it does to fire hydrants.

  19. Likesyrup says:

    nothing abusive about it. The dog loved being in it. His names Bones.

  20. Matt Jacobson says:

    You really need TWO dogs in costumes…

  21. Ted Geving says:

    Great costume!
    I have 3 whippets.  Mine would not tolerate anything like that on them.

  22. And people wonder why I cheer when animals go on rampages…

  23. itinko says:

    How to freak out your best friend…

  24. snagglepuss says:

    “Here come the rebels! I am so FUCKED!”

  25. yasviridov says:

    Look at my buckjump!

  26. Philip Hades says:

    A fellow ig owner sent me a link to the Facebook page for the dog, Bones Mello, as well as the construction of the outfit

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