Fat werewolf eating a cupcake in a Michael Jackson "Thriller" jacket tee

Seen at New York Comic-Con, which I'm presently attending: these terrific Johnny Cupcakes tees, entitled the "Lycanthriller." The site lists the men's tee as sold out, but the woman's edition is in stock. They had both at the booth.


    1. Yeah, the Thriller was a red leather jacket, not a high-school-football-team type jacket. Forgive me if they have a real name, here in the UK we only ever see them on American TV shows ;)

      Don’t get me wrong, I still like the design!

      1. It’s not a reference to THE “Thriller” jacket, but a reference to the jacket Michael Jackson wears in the movie “Thriller” … at the beginning of music video for “Thriller” … get it? (The film within the film … the werewolf MJ, not the zombie MJ.)

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