Star Trek bathrobes

I dote on pajamas and bathrobes (first thing I do when I get on an overnight flight is change into a pair of freshly ironed jammies for a good night's sleep -- I call it the "Most comfortable man in the sky project"), and boy, do ThinkGeek's Star Trek robes pluck at my heartstrings. They've got the breast insignia, as well as the piping at the cuffs. A swankier way to lounge, available in yellow, blue, and red, and men's and women's cuts.

(via Red Ferret)


  1. Interesting.  Can’t recall ever seeing a male crew member on any of the Enterprises wearing a robe in a scene.  Anyone recall an episode?

    1. IIRC, Capt. Picard and Cmdr. Sisko occasionally wore robes in their quarters, but these were never uniform-like. 

    2. I feel like Riker showed up in a robe more often than was warranted. Sometimes with a trombone.

      Also, Kirk’s robe, though never explicitly shown, was strongly implied. How could a player that smoove not have a “captain’s” robe?

  2. I never considered wearing pajamas for an international flight but it seems like a great idea.  The only potential snag with wearing the captain’s pajamas is that if anything happened, they’d expect me to fly the plane.  Naturally, this would end in disaster and me attempting to get beamed out of there.

  3. If we’re talking bathrobes, your life is not complete until you have a Japanese Haori to go over the top of it. 

  4. Or you can make the mug yourself using this image, in case you think $100 for a mug (the one at is a bit too much.

  5. Looking at that mug, which is seriously cool, I wonder just how much sleep you’d get after chugging the contents of that. Just having to keep going to the toilet would be bad enough, without a severe caffeine high. Unless its hot chocolate.

    1. Pay 70¢ less for a cheap knockoff or buy the original mug with the way cool handle… I’ll take the original, thank you.

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