Dean of St Paul's resigns over plan to evict OccupyLondon


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  1. Shiawase says:

    It’s a shame it’s clerics doing the resigning and not bankers. OK the Church is part of the establishment but they’ve never been big on greed is good or mucking up the global economy.

  2. onereader says:

    Two clerics who did what Jesus would have done? My worldview is shattering.

  3. Kenneth Warthen says:

    It’s a surprising thing these days to find courage in the places where you would normally expect it…

  4. toyg says:

    It’s a shame because the current Church of England establishment is a decent bunch when it comes to topics like poverty relief and even civil rights for homosexuals. 

    This will not help the cause of Occupy, although it’s not entirely their fault — the decision to close St.Paul’s on “health and safety” grounds was just wrong — but they should recognise that their real targets live in Canary Wharf and act accordingly.

  5. george57l says:

    Hang on … maybe I am not fully up to speed but has this one resigned because he also objected to the Church’s position (like the last resignee) or because he was one of those pushing that position and now realises public opinion is almost wholly against him (hence ‘untenable’).
    After reading the Sunday papers (Observer and – sorry – Times – but see Jenny Russell next to an excellent Gerald Scarfe cartoon) it seems that criticism of the Church was almost universal.

  6. Jardine says:

    Well that story confused me. There’s also a St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Ontario. That St. Paul’s invited protesters who are camped at nearby Victoria Park to camp on their grounds. So boo to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and yay to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

    • Cory Doctorow says:

      This is a uniquely Canadian problem, one I encounter when I visit fam in Canada and run into friends and say, “I live in London now,” and then have to qualify with “the one in England.”

      Generally speaking, if you’re not in Ontario, anyone who says “London” means the one here in the UK. But you’re right, it doesn’t help that London, ON has a Thames river, a St Paul’s Cathedral, etc.

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