Safecast draws on power of the crowd to map Japan's radiation


3 Responses to “Safecast draws on power of the crowd to map Japan's radiation”

  1. Nadreck says:

    This was presaged by the crowd-sourced “Godzilla Prediction Network” in one of the Big G’s movies.  Very appropriate considering he’s a metaphor for atomic energy!

  2. baronkarza says:

    That would be “Godzilla 2000: Millenium” to be exact, an excellent film that relaunched the big G’s movie career. Just before this film Toho Pictures had pretty much shelved the charcter, until everyone in Japan saw the ultra-crapfest that was the American Godzilla movie and thought “come on, we can do better than that!”, so they did! A really fun film.

    But from the second photo on this article it looks like someone is driving around with a very hi-tech Shinto statue mounted on the roof of the car, for what reason I don’t know.. Better etherial reception?

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