EXCLUSIVE: photos of BofA's new #OWS-themed ad campaign

I have no idea who shot these, or who is responsible. Update: here are some daytime shots, from the San Francisco Mission district.


  1. Clever. I hope whoever put those up was mindful of how many security cameras were in the vicinity.

    I gotta get me one of those vinyl cutting machines.

    1. i walked past a dude in the mission the other day who was openly spraying a wall at 9PM infront of people. It seems like street art is generally accepted in the mission. Even if its against the law.

  2. That is a pretty clever prank.  The font is a bit off, but after looking at legit BofA typography it all looks a bit disjointed.

  3. That is really well done. I was expecting it to be a prank, but the “100%” thing really threw me off.. that is so damn close to being an actual corporate slogan. And the “1%” part is so tone-deaf, it might as well be an actual corporate slogan.

  4. I love this kind of “cultural jamming.”

    Stealth snarkiness can get through the memetic immune system of people who are turned off by louder and more confrontational methods.

  5. I have no idea who shot these, where it happened, or who did it. – Xeni Jardin

     mmhmm, suuuuuure and Mark totally doesn’t have a vinyl cutting machine.

    1. You first.  [cow nudges cratermoon with stick]

      Anyway, this BofA stuff is a much better job than when I had 7-11 endorsing the impeachment of Bush while he was in office.  I did it quickly and put it on crooked as hell, plus no one would believe 7-11 was saying that anyway. Surprisingly it stayed on that door for a pretty long time.

      I’ve learned much today on what to do in the future if I was to do such a thing again which I wouldn’t because it’s wrong.


  6. The Bank of America is one of the banks that make up the Federal Reserve Bank. It must be put OUT OF BUSINESS! People MUST understand that there is NO way to EVER pay back the interest that we Americans are paying when our Government buys money, at interest, from this institution.

    Remember this: The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT Federally owned. If all the monet floating within our system is only the principle amount purchased from the Federal Reserve Bank, then from WHERE does the money come to pay back the interest?

    It does NOT exist!


    Eventually, the Federal Reserve Bank WILL own every piece of property in this country and every other country in which it operates.


  7. I swear, I was convinced, I think it was the Spanish that did it for me. Bravo, and like many of you, if this wasn’t a joke, I was about to raise a bit of hell, and I consider myself non-affiliated with either side. 

  8. Actually, it would be pretty goddamn clever of BofA to use that for real. After all, the OWS people can’t possibly hate them any more, and the mushy middle might be amused.

    Not that I think they’ll be clever.

  9. The 1% needs our production, some subversive next level shit. “Can you hear us now” was on to something. 

  10. BofA probably did it to distract everybody while they apply to trademark the term “99%” so they can sue anybody that uses it for royalties in a RIAA bullshititarian kind of way.

  11. From _Nazi Punks Fuck Off_ comes the line:
    “You’d trash a bank if you had real balls.”
    I hear and obey, Lord Jello!

  12. Building a better America, 1% at a time.

    Oh man, I would probably actually get aroused if I saw that while walking by a BofA or Well’s Fargo.  Hilarious (and sadly true at same time).

  13. How did Bank of America write a whole slew of pro 1% slogans and then think they could claim it was for the 99%?

    It’s so insulting to say “together we are 100%” or “1% at a time”. Fuck that noise.

    1. That’s the point.  these aren’t real BofA slogans, they’re joke ones someone stuck on their windows when no-one was looking

  14. What sucks is, you go into the Mission district Bank of America, and the whole place is staffed by hard working Latino-Americans from blue collar/immigrant backgrounds who worked hard to get into this lowest rung of the white collar professional class, and who will be the first folks to get cut if the bank starts feeling the pinch. Just something to keep in mind.

  15. A car dealership in Brookville, PA has a radio ad saying “Here in Brookville we don’t have time to camp in the street because we’re too busy working at our jobs, or looking for them. But you can come down here and occupy a new Ford…” Seriously.

  16. BofA’s logotype is Franklin Gothic Condensed. Hats off to whoever pulled this prank for knowing their 20th Century sans serif typography. The kerning is a bit loose after the cap “T” in “Together”, but otherwise it’s all, shall we say, right on the money.

    BofA’s serif face may have gotten re-dubbed “Higher Standard” by some branding huckster, but the serif type (the letters with little feet, y’all) used on the ATMs is by all appearances ITC Century Book. At any rate, the link to the design standards above is for Web usage, and not signage or print.

    To quote Roger Black: World Domination Through Typography!

  17. As in all “corporate” communications attempting to reach the non-English speaking public, the Spanish is gobblydegook – why can’t even the 99ers CARE about professionally translating?  We have the translator brigades working on the documents produced by #OWS – the activists who put this clever prank together can appeal to them for help –

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