#Slaveroo: Crowdsourcing a strike-fund for exploited gig economy workers

"Gig economy" scooter drivers for London's Deliveroo service earn £7/hour plus £1/delivery, and that's nowhere near a living wage: but rather than giving their a pay rise (£9.40/hour, plus £1/delivery, plus petrol, plus tips), Deliveroo wants to cut them all to zero-hours contracts with no hourly wage and £3.75/delivery and they fired all the drivers who asked for a living wage, so naturally, drivers are crowdfunding a strike-fund to fight back. Read the rest

Pop-Up Ideas: smart audio stories in small bites

More great news from the land of podcasting: Tim "Undercover Economist" Harford's radio show Pop-Up Ideas is back in production. A series of short, sweet, thought-provoking and moving stories that are like a cross between The Moth and a political manifesto. Here's (MP3) Gillian Tett explaining the credit-bubble bursting. Read the rest

EXCLUSIVE: photos of BofA's new #OWS-themed ad campaign

I have no idea who shot these, or who is responsible. Update: here are some daytime shots, from the San Francisco Mission district.

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