21 lb layer cake containing three pies


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  1. awillett says:

    That is… an obscenity. Probably a tasty obscenity, but still.

  2. thatbob says:

    Ugh, why ruin three perfectly good pies this way?  Should have baked them into a giant pie instead!

    • Tribune says:

      So would the giant pie stack them or put the three at the same level to maintain the basic pie form? Someone need to research the recursive pie and associated problems.

      • rabidpotatochip says:

        I think the solution to fitting three pies inside a larger pie and allowing for recursion would probably be to create some kind of Menger pie.  Of course, it would work considerably better if this individual was making a Menger Sponge cake.  ;)

  3. John Rust says:

    I think this post needs the shocked cat

  4. snagglepuss says:

    Aaaargh. Immortality could have been mine. This guy beat me to it by FIFTEEN MINUTES !

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Aaaargh. Immortality could have been mine. This guy beat me to it by FIFTEEN MINUTES !

      Actually by two years.  The how-to video is from 2009.  But unlike other holiday pastries, the cherpumple never gets stale!

    • Mark Dow says:

      Pics, or it didn’t not happen.

  5. since this would make a great symbol of western decadence, they should probably have a few tastes and then throw the rest away.

  6. Ian Wood says:

    And so it is baked, the great doom of our time.

  7. neurolux says:

    I just got misty-eyed. If I ever get married, this will be the groom’s cake.

  8. Steve Hoefer says:

    “…and was seen by over 200 guests…”

    I would argue this possibly one of the least suitable metrics for deserts.

  9. I mean, Charles Phoenix’s cherpumple is much better. Because I think HE invented it. 

    Oh never mind. I figured it out.

  10. Monitorhead says:

    goes well with turbaconducken  http://bacontoday.com/turbaconducken-turducken-wrapped-in-bacon/    and wash it down with a super-sized suicide soda from the gas station. LOL

  11. terrycarroll says:

    Now, if it had layers of ice cream and whipped cream to top the pies inside, it would be a complete dessert.

  12. Eddie Perkins says:

    My first reaction was ‘Oh, Americans…’ 

    But, I can say that because I’m an American and I want one. 

  13. William George says:

    Has this been featured on This Is Why You’re Fat yet?

  14. Frank Diekman says:

    As Homer Simpson would say, “Mmmmmmmm…twenty one pound layer cake containing three pies.”

  15. KaiBeezy says:

    good for dessert after a Bacon Explosion (TM)
    which is…
    a bacon mat
    (yes, 2 lbs of bacon woven together into a mat)
    topped with dry rub
    covered in 2 lbs of bulk pork sausage
    topped with cooked chopped bacon
    and BBQ sauce
    rolled together and
    thrown on a grill.

  16. bklynchris says:

    I love cake almost as much as I love pie.  I love taking a dump almost as much as I love eating.  It does not mean that I should do them both at the same time.

    In fact, if there was a church of pie I would be its high priestess.  I find this pure sacrilege, and no, that the frosting looks as if it might be malted does not make it OK…I think.

  17. phenocopy says:

    I made a variation on this last year (for a turducken party), with a pecan pie (in white cake) on the bottom and an apple pie (in spice cake) on the top, all with cream cheese frosting. It’s difficult to schlep, so I suggest frosting it on site, and you have to put the most structurally sound pie on the bottom. People eat Very Small slices.  (This year, my boyfriend has talked me into baking a cookie into a cupcake into a pie into a cake, only one layer. I ran a couple trials of things like “brownie in a pie” but they didn’t work very well.)   It is certainly not for every occasion, but it’s an impressive dessert to bring to a party. 

  18. pipenta says:

    This frightens me.

  19. Robert Cruickshank says:

    The cake is a pie!

  20. soylent_plaid says:

    The guys at Epic Meal Time would wrap this in bacon and deep fry it.  And then polish it off.  And then go drink some Jack.

  21. Teller says:

    Is each slice served on a charger?

    /ladies love that kind of talk

    • chgoliz says:

      Chargers are expensive, totally wasteful items which are placed on the table before you sit down and taken away before you eat.

      I only know this because my cousins explained it to me.  Some of us “ladies” don’t normally waste our time channeling Martha Stewart.

  22. jeligula says:

    Good lord!  This is positively Roman in its decadency.

  23. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Tossing every flavor together doesn’t make it tasty.  Yuck.

  24. Chuck says:

    How about a chicken pot pie stuffed in a duck pie (of some sort) stuffed in a giant turkey pot pie?

  25. SedanChair says:

    It’s very beautiful, you did a great job.

    (Our culture is doomed)

  26. Mark Neumayer says:

    Who needs bread and circuses when you have pies in cake?

  27. sigismund says:

    YO dawg, I herd you like pies…

  28. This doesn’t make any sense.

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