Jabba the Cupcake

Who knew that fondant icing was such a great medium for sculpting Hutts?

Jabba cupcake (via Super Punch)


  1. You think it’s funny!  Well this week it is just Jabba the cupcake, tomorrow it will Jabba  fruitcake, then Jabba the wedding cake and so forth.  This must stop, so this cupcake must be destroyed preferably someone eating it.   I will take care of that.  MUNCH!

  2. There’s clearly a white base of buttercream between the cake and Jabba, but it looks to me like Jabba is not buttercream. There seems to be a bit broken off the top of the head. Also, the nostrils and some areas of skin fold look like they are chipped.

    Based on that I’d say more likely royal icing or meringue, it’s something that sets hard.

    1. at first you make it seem that not “even watch”ing baking shows is bad.  then say they are littering the airways, so confused. love the name though I think Tom Baker is in that episode.

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