Edible, incredible electrified Ewok village

The Infinite Yums created this elaborate, electrified, edible Ewok village with Rice Krispie treat Death Star. The Ewoks are chocolate, the straw thatching is shredded wheat, trees are texturized krispies painted with icing, the platforms are gingerbread...

Humble beginnings for this formidable task. A giant ball of Rice Krispie treats, roughly shaped like the unfinished death star from Return of the Jedi, covered in grey fondant and left to dry out...

My trusty dremel makes another appearance to make the appropriate space for the lights and necessary wiring. Then I (for what seemed like eternity,) patiently worked all the little lights into their new homes and secured them with fondant. About this time i started giggling a lot and getting really excited. I may have been mildly ridiculous.

So at this point, my Death Star is setting up, my village is ready to be assembled. I built all my little huts, then discovered it looked completely off proportionally, so I remade a bunch of them to much improved results. then I covered the houses with fondant and textured it to also look like wood. I used shredded wheat to make thatched roofs on the huts once they were in position.

In a Galaxy Far Far Away


  1. Thanks Cory so much for putting this up! I’d also like to point out that this was created with a very short time limit, as my wife works two jobs and this is a charity event for the Stollery Children’s Hospital… she and I are both ecstatic that Boing Boing gave us a shoutout!

  2. Woo! Go Infinite Yums! You rock, my lady!
    It has not been eaten yet, as the Festival of Trees is not over yet. I’m not sure who would want to eat these though. They sit out and get dusty.

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