SantaCon 2011: Naked Santas World Record

[video link]

Funny man and filmmaker Mark Day shares his videos embedded above and below, and explains:

Tex Allen of reminds revellers that it's not illegal to be nude in San Francisco (lewd is, of course, another matter), during an apparently legitimate Guinness World Record attempt to assemble the most naked Santas in one place, at Washington Square Park in San Francisco during SantaCon 29011. No word on when the record is actually ratified.

Of course, several hundred suit-optional Santas opted to keep their clothes on.

[video link]


  1. It was interesting drinking on the Lower Haight on Saturday evening.  At least one bar was turning Santas away en masse, leading to the amusing spectacle of a very calm and deadpan doorman explaining to a large group of disappointed Santas that the reason they couldn’t come in was because there had been an unpleasant incident with a couple of drunken lady elves earlier in the day.  Only in San Francisco.

  2. I live near Polk Gulch so I got the full view of drunk santas doing what looked like a bar crawl en masse. I had the pleasure of seeing a few santas throwing up (jollily) about the alleys.

  3. I don’t think I could suck in my gut for that long. Plus cold weather makes ‘it’ elf sized.

  4. Santacon used to be weird. Now it’s shining and attractive. Weird people are going to have to start something else. An occupation of some sort. Hmm.

    1. Well, if these naked santas want to be effective and gain mainstream support, they’re going to have to develop a clear message or a list of demands or something. I mean, don’t even know what they WANT!

      (I keed, I keed, in case no one senses the tone.)

      1. Nah.  I’ve watched oral sex happen right in front of cops at Folsom.  Mind, this was about 7 years ago, so perhaps things have changed.  Bay2Breakers *moves*.  Folsom is easy to avoid.

  5. Hey that’s my friend Sarah at :05 in the red fishnets! I am so jealous of all the awesome stuff that goes on in SF.

  6. This actually looks like a rather nice event. Sure beats that time I was in the midst of hundreds of naked Krampuses armed with whips and burlap sacks. 

  7. …it’s not illegal to be nude in San Francisco (lewd is, of course, another matter)

    So naked Santa is fine so long as you don’t sit in his lap and tell him how naughty you’ve been.

  8. Ahhh… reminds me that I left my heart in that fair city.  Possibly my lungs too.   Stuffed into a wee sheep stomach.  Call me Haggis.

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