Building covered in coats


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  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Are you sure that’s not just post-War insulation?

  2. bo1n6bo1n6 says:


  3. legotech says:

    I hate these displays, the size you want is always on the fifth floor just out of reach of the window.

  4. shutz says:

    With a new coat of paint, I bet it could look brand new.

  5. Bodhipaksa says:

    Christo & Co, presumably.

  6. Comrade7 says:

    and that little company went on to become…

    and now you know… the rest of the story.

  7. bwcbwc says:

    I guess that wasn’t in Burlington after all.

  8. daen says:

    I suspect that it’s where the Hotel Fox is now in Copenhagen, on the corner of Vester Voldgade and Sankt Peders Stræde (Google maps link) …

  9. kmoser says:

    They can’t fool me. It’ coats all the way down.

  10. elix says:

    Groupon: The Early Years

  11. InsertFingerHere says:

    I bet those were nice, quality coats too.  There was craftsmanship back then…

  12. loroferoz says:

    I thought of going to Møntergade 17, but it seems the original building was demolished, or at least that Troelstrup is not there anymore. The 1936 was also a parting gesture, according to

    The new store is in fact, on Vester Voldgade 5.

    Will go there one of these days to check it out.

  13. sean says:

    Didn’t Christo do something like this to the Reichstaag in Germany?

  14. pebird says:

    I believe those are Morty Seinfeld’s executive raincoats.

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